Beware Of Downloading Free Pictures From Google

My wife and I are building a e-commerce website. In the process we wanted a particular picture for the front page. We downloaded what we thought was a nice picture of a bouquet of flowers from someone's wedding photos. We immediately wound up with a trojan that just kept growing and growing until it took over our entire computer. We have Norton 360 and that didn;t catch it. We wound up with so much malware because I kept trying to x it out rather then just shutting off the computer. Norton has said that they have cleaned up our comp[uter but it's supposed to run at 5mb and its running at less then one mb and no one seems to know how to help us. We have tried so many suggestions but so far nothing has helped. I share this as a warning to other people who download pictures......BEWARE

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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

I suggest you get rid of Norton and get AVG and AVG will probably solve your problem.