Never Leave A Trail!

It's not as bad/exciting as some of your stories, but recently my dad discovered how much i was into dressing.
He knew i was into cos/crossplay, but i don't think he knew i was dressing so much in college.
Or that i was such a hottie ;)!
We've had some discussions, but I don't know what to expect.
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9 Responses May 22, 2010

Since he knows your cross dressing why not say nothing and go about your business and let him take note. If he says nothing and things go on normally then you'll know he approves and respects your privacy. I'll bet your father wouldn't how to talk about it. It would be too awkward for him.

Ahhh heh heh just keep on Cding and you will be all right

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing. Feel free to add me Sis.

maybe he thinks you look hot all dressed up. who knows he might want you to dress for him and be daddies little girl. just make sure your a good girl and do what he says ;)

It is best not to worry too much about this. In fact it is better that he knows now and it will help you to be able make decisions about your future without having to worry how to tell him.

one of my caught me putting on panties my sisters and my cousin were making me put on

Be yourself. Exactly what do you want in your life? Cross play/dressing or more.

Sometime happen... once my dad saw some of my high heels, and hi ask, thats a high heels??? I saw it, and saw back my dad, and didn't said a word... Than, he said, its no problem... than we never talk about it.... any word... never ask that was my or just store it....

so, you are worried about your dad? Or what he thinks of you? <br />
I told my dad, he still loves me and doesn't talk about it. What he thinks of me cannot control what I do. I am the only one that has to live with me 24hours a day, so letting someone else, any one else, control me would be like a prison sentence. My advice... be confident, tell him it is who you are and don't back down. Most of all, don't let them say it is just silly. You are not silly you are a person with a heart and who you are matters!