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He Did It!

So, I had thought my dad had downloaded pics of me dressed.  While he was out today, I found out he did in fact, download some of my pics off my computer and onto his.  I can't imagine what he plans on doing with them, since he doesn't seem to be doing anything that my lgbt friends have told me to expect (deny, be hostile, try to become 'hip' to the 'scene'), I don't know what to expect.

Why would my dad want pics of me dressed like a girl?
femmeboy femmeboy 18-21 22 Responses May 28, 2010

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He is excited by the idea..who wouldnt be!!!!!

I think your dad appreciates the new you.... and wants to be able to sneak a peek once in a while when no one's around. ;)

He may be pervy with them but another consideration is that maybe he has secretly been doing the same thing. . .just a thought.

Your naughty dad want to have a ****.

Add me?????

Maybe your dad really wanted a beautiful daughter instead of a son. He also can be getting himself off looking at his cute daughter

It kind of looks like it turns him on and he doesn't want you to know it:)

Maybe your father is living vicariously thru you by viewing your pics daily. Maybe he has fantasized about doing what you do and never followed thru with it. It is obvious he gets some satisfaction out of viewing the pics daily and is most likely turned on by them. You look very attractive and feminine so I can see why he would be sexually turned on by viewing your pictures. If he was upset, angry or repulsed seeing you dressed up he would not want to see any pictures of it.

hi<br />
If you don't mind me saying so it seems your family tip toe around each other and don't talk. Have you thought of just out and out ASKING your father? Privacy it appears to me with due respect is being invaded by BOTH of you?

Yes he might be turned on enought to have sex with you, go for it>

may be he just found them looking for something else on your machine and just kept them to enjoy knowing he created a beauful daughter

I think the old adage "the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree" applies here. First since he knows you dress go ahead and dress and wait until he comes home and greet him as usual. The application of the adage is this, he probably did the same thing in his younger years but was forced to suppress these feelings. He is probably reliving those earlier experiences through you. Talk to your Dad about this. Ask him if he wants to do it again, if just in your home. Only between the two of you.<br />
It will bring you closer together. Since he didn't become irate or become violent, he must have knowledge of it. You maybe the one who frees up that little girl in dad that still wants to come forth.

your super sexy, men are pervs with little control. it would be hard to not look at them. <br />
<br />
although, if it will make you feel better:<br />
**dad searches daughters computer after seeing dr. phil or article reminding him that it is not always safe out there, and because he is dad, carries responsibility for your actions. (wrecked my parents car at 16, they got sued big time. :(<br />
... anyway, his intent may not have been to find them, then did. <br />
that being said, if they are being seen daily (not including you, if you view them, it shows deja vu, both showing and adding to the list (honest opinion, he's looking at you :) !! <br />
<br />
if it bugs bugs you. delete them. he will get the message. (or add more :) ) <br />
---------------------------------<br />
lol, sorry wannabe psychiatrist. I would love to take peek as me, not a shrink, just a bit of a horny guy.<br />
<br />
Be safe out there! <br />

It's been ages since you commented. How are you? Anything good up (I hope)? Anything bad (I hope not)?

Since I don't know him, I just wonder.... is he going to try and confront you with them? Or show them to a psychiatrist? Just guesses....

Who knows what they're actually up to? We're in uncharted territory here. You're a pioneer in your own life just as they are in theirs. Some answers take a little getting used to, like the one I got when I finally realized I was bi and sometimes enjoyed being with another man.<br />
<br />
The good news is that you're not talking about any negative consequences, just some uncomfortable possibilities. Care and acceptance seem to be working.<br />
<br />
Hang in, I think you're winning more than you know.

Well, Polly, you may be right. But it would be wierd for them to want pics of me, but then to not seem like they want to acknowledge that I am trangendered (or a cd or whatever...still feeling these things out).<br />
<br />
And a quick check of their computer shows that someone pulls up my pics almost daily. Getting used to their "daughter", or something a lil more......

maybe your dad and mum for that matter want some photos of their pretty daughter nothing wrong in that is there

maybe your dad and mum for that matter want some photos of their pretty daughter nothing wrong in that is there

I think their current position is "This is just a phase", like when a girl is "lesbian until graduation".<br />
Mom seems pretty cool with everything; i mean they both are, but i guess i expected more drama or something.<br />
And not my dad /possibly/ getting pervey on my pics

Of course I'm thinking about other things too, but I'm probably kinkier than your dad.

OK, no overt hostility or acceptance. No apparent confusion and I'm assuming that he's had enough time to think about it. <br />
<br />
So, why would he want to have pics of you dressed? The only guess I have is pretty unbelievable. <br />
<br />
This one is going to have to be wait and see. If he's not giving you grief about it, there's no point in worrying. You could ask him point blank, but that might not be the best approach. If he feels cornered, he might lash out in some way. If you slide the issue in carefully you're likely to get a pretty straight response. <br />
<br />
The next question is are you ready to deal with ALL the possible responses, positive, negative and kinky? A fairly wise man once told me to never ask a question if I couldn't afford the answer. Sometimes I just think it's best to leave a sleeping dog alone and watch what he does. That also gives you more time for introspection and growth within yourself.<br />
<br />
I actually think you're not going to have any kind of real problem with it. You didn't mention your mom, is she part of this equation?