Caught Crossdressing by my Sister

lets get things straight... im a 15 year old guy who is straight. 

one day i had the idea of trying on some of my sisters clothes. Shes about the same age as me. i got some tight shorts and one of her bras. after trying them on i thought I would film myself on my computer to see how i looked. I filmed myself wearing her clothes and grabbing my butt. (sounds so stupid now)

After a month or so my family threw a party. My sister and her other 3 of her other 14 yr old friends went to go hang out in my room... I thought nothing of it at the time. a few minutes later my sister came up to me and asked me about a video she and her friends found on my computer. She looked creeped out and when i got there i realized they found the video of me crossdressing in her shorts and her bra. Her three other friends look weirded out too. One of them asked if those were my sisters clothes i was wearing. 

I was soo embarressed. My mind was racing for an excuse... so i made up something up that wouldnt make me sound like a creep. I told them that I had to do it because I lost a bet with one of my friends. Im not sure if they bought it, but they still saw the video. Now everytime they come over to hang out with my sister I'll be thinking about that. 

Any advice on how I can get my life back to normal?
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Bizsuit is correct on that.<br />
Lots of girls don't mind a feminine guy but are afraid of what the world would think of her for liking a guy that is less of a 'man' as dictated by a 'mans' world.<br />
You see, its all to do with competition. real 'men' would do anything to put you and the girls down for liking a guy in a dress.

you should tell them the truth, or at least one of them. if you tell one then they will tell the others, and that way you wont feel the full humillity. but make sure that once they all know, to not tell anyone.<br />
<br />
once that is done they might just dress you up.

Stacey is right, as far as deviant behaviour go cross dressing is pretty tame and more normal than not. The lines between male and female brains aren't that defined. Makes sense really when you think about how our bodies and minds develop from conception on.<br />
<br />
If you are a CD, it never leaves you. You will forever be gripped by the lure of silky feminine things. Accept and embrace who you are; the sooner you do the happier you will be. At least ba<x>sed on my experience.

Society often dictates our reactions, so if the girls seemed to be creeped out - chalk it up to the "typical and expected response." So even if one of the girls, a guy in women's clothing is exciting, she's not likely to say so. <br />
<br />
As far as getting your life back to normal...your life is normal. You are normal. Crossdressing...believe it or normal (at least that's what psychologists are saying about it).<br />
<br />
Do any of these girls tease you? Does your sister ever talk about it with you?