Made By The Police?

I just got caught by the police, I think, maybe. I've been working late(til 2-3am) lately, and I'm alone at work after 5pm. When I woke up at noon today I decided to do something I've been wanting to do for a while.....get dressed up very feminine and go home from work like that. While I was picking out my outfit I thought I might want to spice it up a bit by possibly indulging in another hobby of mine, self bondage, so I packed a pair of handcuffs in my bag and took the key out to the mailbox while I got the mail. I left the key in there not too worried someone would take it, aferall the mail man had already delivered the mail today and wouldn't be back again til after I already retrieved it at 3 am.
Finally the end of the day....I went to the bathroom to change and get ready. I washed up and shaved quickly what stubble was there. I put on my black strapless corsellete bra, my purple satin panties, a faux velvet black cocktail dress, and some knee high boots with a 3 in. heel, and a blck curly shoulder length wig. I did my make up next, nothing too out there, fairly subtle. I looked pretty good in the mirror, except for the cheap wig, and completely over dressed for driving home from work, but hey this was my first time out fully dressed as Jen might as well dress for a special occasion since it sort of was.
I got in my car and drove home no big deal...driving past the police station in the very little town I live in I looked around for the night patrol man. I didn't see his car and he was the only thing that worried me in this stunt. I pulled in my garage about 3:20 am and decided this little adventure needed spiced up. So I slapped the cuffs on my wrists behind my back. No backing out now.....I peeked out the door and heard and saw nothing at all. Being the silly sissy I am I decided it's now or never and started walking out to my mailbox. The gravel in the drive was difficult to walk thru in heels. Once I got there I turned around and opened the door to the box facing away from it then had to reach with my cuffed hands and arms and feel around for the key. I found the key rather quickly, unfortunately I saw the night cop on foot a block away from was a holy crap panic kind of moment to say the least. I'm now wondering how much he saw? I high tailed it back to my garage with the cop behind me easily able to see my hands cuffed, so I pulled my wrists around to my side. While that looked bizarre hopefully it didn't give the cop a clear view of my predicament. Once back in the garage I easily got the cuffs off and stashed them in my bag. I gathered up all my stuff and went to go back out hoping enough time had passed that he left. HE Hadn't.....the cop was in my drive shineing his flashlight around....OH GOD! He saw me thru the glass in the garage door, so there was no hiding at that point, so I trannied up and opened the walk-in door and looked him right in the eye with a yes can I help you look. He looked at me with a funny glint in his eye and babbled something about spotting someone sneaking thru the lawns and finally said good night. I said very little, and spoke very soft tone. How much did he see and how much does he really know? I'm fairly certain he knew I wasn't a GG, at least he didn't catch me red handed(or red handcuffed). I guess I might be getting funny looks from people now. Oh well...
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I almost got caught by either teachers or security guards at my local school last night. I was in my lbd and heels having fun strutting about.<br />
I had just enough time to grab my things and run, as good as I can in 4" heels and making lots of noise treading on the fallen leaves. Wow, I thought I am going to get busted for sure making all that noise and being on government land and dressed up sexy as well, it would be difficult to say the least.<br />
Funny, I was having fantasies at that time, if I did get caught what would happen, would they have their way with me and let me go?<br />
To make it short, I finally got away from the rooms and got down the rear oval and took off my wig, heels and put male clothes over the dress. I didn't want to ruin my dress or heels. Went over to a fence and over to freedom. <br />
Whoever these two guys where, they where very close to be able to catch me. I was very very lucky to be where I was at that time. Not long before that I was in the street outside the front.

I love the b*lls you've got doing something like that. It's great. I guess I've missed out on some fantacular moments in life by living as a girl from 12-18 and then having The Operation at 18. What wonderful moments I could've had like yours. Love it. You go gurl...

WOW that's some story! I'll bet you were terrified when he came up to you. But, it's not against the law to crossdress. Just don't do anything that WILL get you in trouble with the law like going into a womens restroom at the shopping mall. I too work shift work and drove home at 2am once many years ago all dressed up. I brought my stuff to work and when I got off, went into the mens room and changed into a garter belt and stockings, lacy panties, bra, knee length red long sleeve dress, blond wig and high heels. I drove home and decided on a nice walk around the neighborhood at 3am. It was in the summer so I didn't have on a coat. As I walked on the sidewalk, a couple of cars drove past me but I just played it cool and acted normal like I was just some woman out for a walk and they just kept going. Loved it!!! I occassionally go out late at night all dolled up and walk the neighborhood. Haven't been caught yet!

ya the only time i have the guts is on halloween cause i can get away with it , and im looking forward to this year as like santa i only get to do it once a yr.

Wow...I would not have the balls (grins) to do that...I've never been outside all dressed up...beyond my own sidewalk....except very late at night... <br />
Yet, I love the idea of tight, complete, heavy self-bondage and putting the key to the house as well as my locking black leather cuffs. in the mailbox...forcing me to go get them to release myself. <br />
But, since I love to be completely bound, gagged, and hobbled, I would end up teetering slowly out to the (community) my 6" hi heeled boots, tight laced corset, hobble skirt, huge boobs, heavy ****-***** makeup, shoulder-length gloves, long brunette wig, and my fur jacket and fur hat with its sewn-in veil...which are HEAVILY COVERED both under and over by numerous boxes of soft white perfumed powder (the Snow-Queen)...all kept on by locked black leather cuffs and short chains, a locked black leather bondage belt under the fur jacket, and another one over it, a posture collar, penis gag, elbow cuffs and wrist cuffs locked to the back of the outer bondage belt...and if I'm really feeling brave a blindfold...making sure the door locks behind me so I have no choice but to go to the mailbox for the housekey and the one to unlock all of the locks (all keyed alike) on the bondage cuffs....of course, for me all this would take place very late at nite (or very early in the morning - take your pick) when the neighbors were all asleep...I live in a "Townhouse" (or Rowhouse) development and would not want the neighbors to find out about me...even though its a strong fantasy to expose myself as...<br />
The Erotic Snow-Queen ****-*****,<br />
Bizarre Suzanne