In The Hotel Hallway

Well, I was staying in an older hotel in a nortwest city in the US. There was a wonderful breeze blowing up the stairwell that connected the floors, and I was in the middle of a twenty four hour period all cross dressing. (I'll post something on one of the other crosdressing pages)

My outfit wasn't extremely sexy, but a pretty skimpy cotton nightie with matching panties in a white and peach print. I decided to be brave and went out my door, making sure it was not locked, to go investigate that balmy west coast breeze. I walked down the hall, listening closely for any approaching folks, and cautiously went up two flights of stairs to an open window. I stood in front of the window for a few minutes enjoying the breeze tussling through my top and around my legs, hair caught in the wind. It was luxurious!

So, realizing I could not stay there for too awful long, I descended the stairs to my floor, and as I started down the hallway, I heard the door opening. Only a few feet in front of me, stood a surprised, and rather attractive woman with an ice bucket in her hand, maybe in her forties with long curly brown hair dressed in a much more conservative satin pajama set.

I was already heading toward my door, so I said "Please do excuse me." and dashed past at a brisk girlish walk. She did not say anything, but I did see her at breakfast the next morning talking to her friends. Figured I knew part of what they were talking about... It was quite the adrenaline rush, but no harm was done. I try to be more subdued in hotels after that!

But, sometimes one has to be just a little bit naughty, right?
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I woul;d love to be added as a friend if you would.

Over the last couple of years I've become confident enough to dress up while traveling. I often take my things and dress after work in the hotel. I luv to go get ice and hope someone else is similarly engaged.<br />
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I'll have to try the open window open door with lingerie scene the next chance I get. It is certainly thrilling to walk the halls in lingerie wondering who will pop up....giggle.

Nice story, thanks for sharing. But really "cotton nightie" Ewwwww....... :)

But, cotton is so comfortable! ...and, really it's sort of cute in admittedly a slightly strange sort of way.

Wish it were me that saw you in the hallway. I would have invited you into my room.

When i go to motels I always dress to the nines. I walk around freely & even when they come into do the room. I get a lot of compliments. I usually make sure I am on the second floor so I can stand next to the Balcony in a short skirt & walk up the stairs. I check in dressed & travel dressed. XOXO Stephanie

Rebecca, tht sounds like soooo much fun! I'll have to chewck for more storeis from you.<br />
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Great comment from IMACD, too! Thanks, gals!

It is more exciting to check into a hotel/motel dressed as a woman. I went on a road trip and travelled the entire 3,600 miles dressed in skirts/blouses or a dresses. Went to Denny's to eat and checked into several Marriotts, visited national parks and other places too. I really enjoyed being a woman, being treated like a woman, used woman's facilities, and being called miss, for those ten days.

Love it!! I too have to travel and stay in hotels with my job but very rarely. I love to get all dolled up and walk out into the hallways!! What a thrill! Check out "youtube" and search for "crossdressing". There's a clip of some guy in a hotel room all dressed up (and he looks fantastic!) trying to get up the nerve to go out and walk around. He's filming himself with a camcorder and he dose eventually go out into the hall but then stops.

great story honey, your adventure might have turned a whole different way had it been a nice looking guy in shorts who caught you strolling the hallway in your nightie. I will have to try that sometime...