Caught By Mom.

Hi!! I'm new to this site and want to share my story. I've been crossdressing for years, ever since I was about 7 years old, and am now 48 and still love to get all dolled up! But my story has to do with the first time I got caught. I was 27 years old and still living at home with my parents. I had finished college and got a job but it didn't pay enough for me to move out on my own. Keep in mind that I started dressing up when I was 7 years old, so by this time I had been doing it for many years. My favorite thing to do was to get all dolled up and try not to be caught by my Mom. Let me explain----my parents where real creatures of habit in that every night after dinner, my parents and I would go down to the club room basement and watch TV. At 10pm sharp, my Mom would always head up to bed. So what I loved to do was to excuse myself, saying I was tired and going up to bed at about 9:30pm. I would go up to my bedroom and get out all of my beautiful lingerie and put it on. All of my lingerie was black-----garter belt, stockings, panties, bra, and a cute little see through baby doll nightie. I would wear black high heel shoes as well. So, there I'd be, all done up in my feminine glory and I'd walk down the hall to the spare bedroom that was right next to my parents bedroom. I'd sit down on the bed in the complete darkness of the room and wait for my Mom to come up to bed. Sure enough, at 10 o'clock, I'd hear her come up from the basement and start up the stairs to the second floor. She would never turn on the hall light. I don't know why but she would come up in the dark. She'd walk right past the room where I was sitting and go into her room, turn on her light, and close her bedroom door. She would then change into her night gown and go into the bathroom to wash up. (the bathroom was right across from the spare bedroom). I did this for many, many nights and loved it!!!! It was such a huge thrill to be all dolled up and have Mom walk right past me!! BUT my luck changed one night! This particular night, she went into her room to change but instead of going to the bathroom, she came into the spare bedroom and turned the light on!! To this day I don't know why she came into this room. It was just a spare room, nothing she needed was in there. But there I stood all done up in my sexy lingerie. But I think she was rather startled at first since she didn't expect anyone to be in the room. She acted shocked and said "Oh, excuse me!!" I was trembling with fear, my heart pounding, and just stood there waiting for her to start yelling at me. But she suddenly smiled and let out a little giggle as she looked me over. I said "oh, that's allright", and walked out of the room and down the hallway. I fully expected her to be right after me demanding to know what I was doing. But she didn't come after me. I went into my room and quietly closed the door and got into bed. I heard her go into the bathroom and turn the water on to wash up. And that was that! She never said a word to me about it (But what an increadible thrill!!!).
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Yes I was Thrilled and at the same time Terrified...they were the type of parents who had not even talked about sex to me...and very very conservative in their outlook. However, my mother had known about her own sisters dressing their baby brother in the family and-me-downs...and her remained VERY EFFEMINATE ALL of his life! Married a Strong woman who kept him in female clothes at home while she went out and worked!<br />
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So, my mother's reaction...not acknowledging what I had done...was not all that surprising...but afterward she left her corset, a slip, and a dress on the end of my bed...I was never sure if she was giving me permission to dress up or reminding me not to do it again...sigh. <br />
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My Aunts, I think used me as an outlet for their own frustrations...I expect aht they were "afraid of men" since 9according to my mother) their father had, in hi drunken rampages, tried to kill al of the monsters in the house quite a few times! So, I was "forced" to dress up with and for them and was treated to oral sex (both ways) as a reward and bondage (as a punishment when I rebelled - "boys don't do this!")...and eventually the two became one and the same experience. Additionally one of my 3 Aunts (of 13!) had a "fetish" for soft white perfumed powder - liberally applying it under and over both her and my clothes when we dressed together...and that has become one of my own "fetishes." <br />
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I already had a fur fetish...discovered my mother's fur coat somewhere around the time my aunts started dressing me. I had not know what it was all about at the time, but only knew that it felt good to rub and stroke it, and thrust myself up against it...and my mother discovered me doing that one afternoon - and the coat vanished...never saw it again...but I was "hooked"!<br />
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I did have a "professional mistress" at one point...but she is now in California...wonderful girl...former member of the "Black Rose" (an S&M group) ... and the last time we met we were tied together and "forced" to like each others genitals (she had once been a sub - and still occasionally liked to be sub!).

Suzanne, thanks for sharing your experience. Your Aunts dressed you up? I would have loved that! I had an Aunt that caught me going through her lingerie and made me put on some of her things but it was only a one time event---to teach me a lesson. (Read "Forced to wear lingerie by my Aunt") story of mine. I'll bet it was a huge thrill to be all dressed up and have your Mom come in to check on you. Do you think she may have known of the Aunts that dressed you up and that's why she left her corset and things on your bed?? Did you ever ask her why she left her clothes there? You should have put it on and walked up to her and said "I found these on my bed. I guess that's what you wanted me to wear today". And seen what kind of reaction you'd get!!! Hey, about he fetish dressing and bondage, have you ever gone to a Dominatrix?? These women specialize in forced feminization and bondage. Go to Google and type in "dominatrix forced feminization (and then your city or state)". I've been to a few "doms" in my city and it's pretty wild. I was forced to dress as a maid for one and clean her house once!!

As a kid, I was dressed up on weekends by 3 of 13 aunts (my mother was one of the 13, and on weekends took me to their house to attend Church with them on Sunday). In between, I would go into her bedroom and that of my sister and grab clothing to wear at home. One hot weekday night I had gotten up to dress up, went into the closet and dressed up in there (to the max) including a fur jacket, and the childhood fur **** and fur shoulder thingie (don't know what they call that ). I then went out to my bed and lay down. I must have made some noise, since i heard my mother say" I'll just go check on him" (OH ****!) and I immediately pulled the covers up to my neck., and put mu fur hat under the covers. When seh came in she pulled the covers down sayhing "Its much too hot for just need a sheet!" and in doing so her hand brushed against the fur jacket...and with a startled ex<x>pression she shaie "Whats that?" and went to turn on the that time I was back in the closet stripping things off...jamming them into the suitcase...I cam out in my undershorts to find her staring at me...she just shhok her head and said "Go to bed" and turned off the light and left.<br />
She never said anything more about it, but left her corset, a slip and dress draped over my footboard daily...changing them weekly...I was never sure if she was giving permission or threatening me...<br />
I still continued to dress up, but only when my parents were out and about...and on weekends I was "in Heaven" with her sisters dressing me with and for them...which continued until I graduated High School and left via the military....discovering "Fetish Dressing" when in Amsterdam Holland (the famous girls of the "Red Zone" who display themselves and their specialties in storefront windows...<br />
So now I have combined "dressing for pleasure" with "fetish dressing" and erotic sensual bondage...just need that "ideal partner" Ithe one who exists only in one's mind - sigh).