My Wife Caught Me Crossdressing

For as long as i can remember I've liked dressing in women underwear and sexy lingerie. Not only did it really turn me on and make my **** very hard. It just made me feel more complete. I had hid my dressing up all my life. happily married i would cross dress when i could. One day much to my surprise my wife came home from work early. i was in sexy lingerie and ************ on the sofa. I tried to hide but she caught me me. she was very upset but we talked and for a short time she seemed to be understanding. I wish i'd been a little more careful cause she made me show her all the clothes i had saved up . then she cut them up. now she watches me close and even keeps track of everything i do.  
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For most women, it isn't the fact that you crossdress, but that you present yourself as one person and hide a whole other part of you. Yes, some women have issues with crossdressing because it breaks down boundaries they thought were rigidly firm. But ALL women in a relationship have issues with you lying to them (One good way to lie is to tell the truth, just not all of it. Does that sound familiar?). I can't say whether or not things would have been different had you been up front with her BEFORE the relationship truly developed. What I CAN tell you is that a relationship that is going to last must be ba<x>sed on total trust and a huge part of that trust comes from being honest. Have you tried to pick a safe moment without distractions to try and talk about this with her? Do your research. Find some resources she can look over in her own sweet time. Then broach the subject with her. See what happens.

pam , i too hardly ever dress up anymore.i love my wife and want to stay married forever but sometimes it seems it builds up until i just lose control of myself

I too have a wife that will not tolerate my dressing. When I was caught wearing her clothes she told me to never to wear her clothes again and I haven't. But I did buy my own that she doesn't know about. I know if I caught again I will be thrown out of my house so I rarely dress anymore. I also know that a marriage has alot of give and take and if I want this marriage to last I will have to give up my dressing. I quess it's a question of priorities. Do you want to be married to your wife or do you want to dress? Good luck

I love you girl.<br />
I know and many of us fully understand.<br />
Their comes a time when you need to decide.<br />
Think about it girl?<br />
Love you Louise CD

yes but so will making her deal with it . i taking the lesser of two evils

your so very right i wish id done exactly that .i did hint around but the reception wasnt good i just dropped it. shortly later is when she found me. almost like she planned it.the way she came home early with no reason.and yes i dont know if was understanding so i wouldnt lie but that is the way it happened

yes it was deceitful but i know how she react after it happened we talked and she got me to admit alot about myself. it seamed liked she was being understanding just to get me to tell her more.

She should have thought this through a little further now you get to buy all new clothes,lucky you, maybe you should take her shopping with you and let her pick out some of your new outfits. You are who you are deal with it!

you all are so right each of you have points. i just feel so very stuck

I can't believe she did that, thinking it would fix anything? Only you can decided what you are going to do next. You need to talk to somebody that understands and help you figure out what you are going to do. It is not going to go away. It is part of you, too bad she didn't understand that. Good luck, my friend.

Its so sad, seems, she really don't understood this. In this weekend I met with a friend of mine and I told her everything, okay, she saw me before, and I said few things to her. Her reaction: its okay, I understood it, they are much more comfortable; OK, not all of them, but the mostly, they have better style. She said, everybody should be dressed as he/she want. Thats the fine attitude... Sadly many years earlier, she wanted only a friendship from me.... Can I extract this understandings from her mind and seed it to everybody's mind???? It would be nice. She had fine, that I wear high heel as I want, why should I torture myself to be somebody, what I'm not... She's a great woman!!!

tessa i so much wish see let me be myself but it is not going to happen .just have to hide which is such a shame.

i'm amazed thats all she did, but you know you cannot stop dressing up so maybe now that she knows you can just be yourself a little bit more

Oh that is so sad... she doesnt realize that you will never stop and that It is a part of who you are. I hooe you can find a way to express this side of you, because if you dont it will come flooding out at some point. Good luck, i hope it works out for you.