Mom And Sis

When I wa about 12 my older sister had dressed me a couple of times in one of her dresses. I had long hair and she would put a couple of hair clips in to give me a girls look.And it was always done for fun. We always did this on saturday when my mother went to work. One day she said I want to fully dress you like a real girl. I said ok. On saturday my mother left for work. my sister started my curling my hair and putting a bra and panty on me. I had never wore these things before. Then stockings, slip and a dress that zipped in the back. She did makeup, nail polish, combed out my hair, earrings, necklace and she was done. She gave me a pair of her pumps to wear and I stood in front of the mirror looking at this older girl I did not reconize. Talk about sexual excitement. Then all of a sudden we heard the front door open and mom was home. She only worked half a day. The excitement was now horror. My sister said hide in the closet andI I'll get mom to take me to the store. Then you can get changed. As I hid in the closet I heard my sister yell. Moms in the car we're going. A sigh of relief and out of the closet I came. There sitting on my sisters bed was my mother. I could have died. My mom put her hand over her mouth and laughted. Then got up and gave me a kiss on the forehead. She took me into the livingroom and I told her i wanted to change. She said, your sister went thru a lot of work so you should stay dressed. I stayed dressed all day and that night she called my Aunt and had her come over with my 2 female cousins to see me. I was so embrassed but excited at the same time. And been dressing on and off ever since.
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I to got caught but I was caught by a cousin, I would dress in bra and paintys nylons and heals. I started when I was about 12 I lived with my aunt and uncle they had all girls and one of them had scerts and dresses like you see on secritarys I started with the painty then after some time I whent with bra and paintys then dresses and then I whent all out and started with bra, paintys,nylons,heals and makup and yes I did it all when no one was home then one night everyone left to go shoping and I got all dressed up makup and all and they came home and my cousin that fpund me was the one that had the closes I was waring and she toke me down stars and mad me show every one she made me so inbaresed. I am marred now and I still dress when I can as far as I know my wife dont know but part of me think she dose and is just wating for me to tell her. we are having problems with the marrig, not about the crossdressing but she read some things I sead to my ex on fassbook

WOW that's fantastic! Lucky you! I was caught once too by my mother when I was about 25 and still living at home after college. I had been crossdressing for years, started when I was 7 and of course always done in secret when no one was home. At this point in my life, I loved the thrill of "almost getting caught" by my mom. At bedtime, I would excuse myself saying I was tired and going up to bed. My mom ALWAYS came up to bed at 10pm, so I would get all dolled up in black lingerie---garter belt, stockings, panties, baby doll nightie, and high heels and wait for her to come upstairs to bed. I'd be in my room with the door slightly ajar in the dark and as she went past my room, I'd step out into the hallway and stand there as she walked to her room . It was a HUGE thrill and turn-on to do this and I did it many times. BUT one night, I was looking for something to really excite me and I went into the spare bedroom and waited. Sure enough, 10pm, here comes mom!! Instead of going into her bedroom, she walked right into the spare bedroom and turned the light on!!! I must have startled her because she said "OH, Excuse Me"! I was petrified. I thought oh well this is it, how am I going to explain this. She just stood there looking me over and got a big smile on her face and let out a little giggle! I said, "oh, that's alright" and walked past her out of the room and went right to my room. I fully expected her to be right after me demanding to know what I was doing, but she didn't and she never said a word about it. That was 25 years ago. I now fantasise and think about what might have happened had I talked to her about it the next day.....maybe she would have let me dress up for her around the house.

i wish to have the same mother years ago then ill be a woman today

Some "gurls" have all the luck!!! I never had a sister and my only brother was 6 years older.<br />
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I fondly remember when the girl next door wanted to play boy / girl games when we were just kids. This is when I "discovered" that girls were different than boys! On one of these occasions she decided we should play "dress up"! (Thank goodness I didn't know about and hadn't reached puberty yet!) When I asked what she meant she said I'll wear your clothes and I'll dress you in mine! Needless to say I halfheartedly protested while internally I was excited about this as I was in the first stages of discovery of my mom's silky lingerie. We both took our clothes off and she proceeded to put mine on without too much difficulty. As I started to pull on her still warm silky lace panties she cautioned me to not pull too hard as they could tear. I then tried to pull on the jeans she'd been wearing but they were too snug for me as was her pretty lacy nylon white blouse. She told me to stop as she went into her closet (yes we were in her bedroom as no one was at home) and came back with a very pretty powder blue taffeta full skirted dress and matching silky blue slip. Before she'd let me put these items on she strapped me into one of her training bras rolled up some stockings and placed in the bra's cups. When she finally pulled that silky slip and dress over my head I felt like I was going to pass out from the excitement of the feel of her clothes on my body. We were in the middle of a make believe tea party when her much older brother's voice called out to her. As her door was closed she called back assuring him that all was fine and she was OK home alone! After this close call we quickly changed and went back outside to play. When her brother walked around the house to join us we were shocked as to what he may have seen or heard but never was anything said. WHEW!!!!

Wow Sis, you really came out of the closet. Did your Mom allow you to dress often after that? Did she help? What did your Aunt and cousins say or do?

Thanks for sharing this experience!