Caught By Neighbor

I've been crossdressing on and off since I was 5. My sister first dressed me, then my mother. I was never forced to dress but would do it on and off like most Cds do.I use to wear my sister clothes at first, but moved to moms as she had the dresses I adored. One night last summer I got the urge to dress and after my sister went to work. My mother went out to visit some friends. Up to the bedroom I went. I layed out a bra,panties, stockings, slip and searchfor the right dress. I picked out this nice one piece floral design dress with a bely. Being only 16 and skinny a waist was not a problem. I got dressed,did my hair, makeup and a pair of blue 2 in pumps. I was going walkings so highheels were out of the question. I waited until 10pm when it was quite dark and no one was around. I decided totake a walk around the block. I carried my purse and the walk was great. AS I turned the corner to come back to our house, someone was standing in the driveway. It was our elderly next door neighbor, at first I panicked and decided to walk pass the house.
Then decide OH hell just go in. he looked at me and said good evening young lady and I replied hello. He asked if I was visiting from out of town. I said yes my aunt and cousin. I went into the house.

The next day my mother was furious after talking to our neighbor and learning about he neice visiting. Funny thing was, she wasn't upset about my crossdressing. She was upset that I should relize how dangerous it is for a girl to be ouit alone walking at that time of night.
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Don't you just love going out all dressed up? Such a thrill!! I've gone out all dolled up and walked around my neighborhood late at night too but luckily never encountered anyone. I have also gone out driving around and walked around the nearby Walmart parking lot. Huge thrill to walk right past other women and they don't even give it a second thought. Love to wear hot lingerie under my dress with high heels!

Hi! Your comment on walking in the Walmart parking lot really hit home as I do this quite often. I love walking around in my little black tennis outfit and looking at all those plants and things. I really like to bend close to the flowers, I bet if someone is watching they would get an eyeful of my frilly panties! (Vickie)

Wow Sis, what a wonderful story, thank you for sharing. Please feel free to add me. Your Mom certainly is a wonderful woman.

Thanks- It was a thrill but you know we like to try to pass on our own terms. I would have liked to just walked into a store or on a crowded street. But this was still woth it.

Oh, I do enjoy passing as a girl all the time. By now no one would even consider to think I might still be a guy. All what's left male on me is my privates down there, and even that I tuck so smart, that I'm all flat up front when I wear tight skinny girls jeans.

You know, even when your reconized. The look on their faces was worth getting dressed for.

Yeah, I had to pass as a woman when I came back to my apartment building. The guy (a neighbor) knew me, and as we had to go the same way toward our apartments he realized it was me, lol. Should have seen the look on his face.......

I should have mentioned in my story that my mom had a mother, daughter talk with me. And thats what really scared me. Like you girls have pointed out. There are consequences when passing as a girl.

You can still have fun, but you don't want to be raped or killed. One of the negatives with looking like a girl is that you do have to protect yourself more. What a great Mom you have, too, btw!

You know she was right. But she scared me and it kinda took the fun out of it.