When I Was Caught Crossdressing

I was in my early teens, 13 or 14, when i was sick and was allowed to stay home from school one day when I was caught dressing. I had been putting on my Mom's clothing for years now in secret. When my Mom said she was going out shopping and had left, I immediately got some of her clothes. I had dressed in panties, bra, girdle, stockings, full slip, dress, and heels and was standing there looking at myself in the mirror when my mother returned home and found me. She got hysterical screaming at me why was I dressed in her clothes and what was wrong with me. I had no idea what to say, and so said nothing. She ordered me out of her clothes, and then spanked me. That night my father stopped in to ask if i needed to talk with him, again I shrugged it all off and said nothing.

A couple weeks later was Halloween and my Mom decided that I was going to be a girl and would have to walk my younger (8 years younger) sister around for Halloween. I think this was also to try to embrasses me me further from being caught. She told me to take off all my clothes except for my underwear, but while dressing me up, I asked that shouldn't I also wear panties to complete the outfit, where she reluctantly agreed and gave me a pair to wear. I wore panties, bra, pantyhose, full slip, dress, heels, and a wig she had. She applied make-up to my face and I walked my sister around the neighborhood, with my Mom following. My Mom would then pop up and make sure the neighbors knew who I was, including a beautiful girl 2 years older than me that had stayed home to give out candies. With her, my Mom even made me prove to her that i was indeed wearing panties under the dress, as I was ordered to lift the back on my dress to show her. This was of course very embarressing to me, but at the same time, I loved being able to go outside and walk around in a dress.
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Sorry to hear your mom passed away. Your story should remind us of how much crossdressing is misunderstood..Parents either go off the deep end or in your case try to drive being a CD out of us. They just don't understand that they are only fueling our desire to dress.

No, my mother never found out, and she had passed away back in 1998.

Like Kathy, I am curious. Does your Mom know that you still dress?

I wonder if your mum new she was just fuelling the need to dress!