Mom Caught Me In Her Bra And Panties When I Was 7

When I was about 7 years old, I became fascinated by my mom’s sexy underwear. While she was doing chores or getting ready to go out or to work she often wore just a robe over her bra and panties and sometimes when it was warm in the house just her bra and panties all around the house!

She wore nice stuff to, usually matching sets with lace and details and sheer panels. She was a nice curvy lady then, 38D **** and size 7 panties, but still a nice waistline even after three kids. I thought she was beautiful and I loved how men looked at her when we went out shopping and stuff. She dressed to show off her figure, didn’t mind men noticing, and responded when they expressed their appreciation, if you get my drift.

Although she was very sexy, I think she dreamed of being slim like she once had been. When I went sneaking through her dresser to check out her underwear, I discovered she had kept all her old stuff in the bottom drawer. Here was a collection of lovely bras, panties, slips, and even sexier stuff like torsolletes and garterbelts, mostly 34B bras and size 5 panties—which I quickly learned were only barely too big for me (and within a couple of years were perfect fits)

From the time I discovered them, I began playing in her old lingerie every chance I had.

Since I didn’t get caught, I got more brazen, wearing first panties then bras to under my cloths when I got home…then all day to school too! Bty the time summer came I was wearing panties exclusively and a problem arose…they were all starting to be dirty but I could not just put them in the laundry.

My brother and sister were away, so I put on a bra and panties and collected up the rest to do a load of wash so they would all be clean again. Everything was going fine until my mom came home early while they were still in the dryer and I was in the back yard playing dressed in her old pink bra and panty set.

I heard the dryer stop and thinking it was done went to get the stuff out…and walked in on my mom who was unloading the dryer with a smile upon her face. There was no point in running, so I just stood there shocked as she smiled at me and said, “How about these just be yours now, ok?” She explained that she had known for a while but had not wanted to embarrass me about it.

It was OK! And suddenly I had my own lingerie to wear!

She led me to my room where she helped me fold everything and puyt it in my drawers. She took my “boy” underwear out and threw it in the trash can in my room, saying, “You never wear this anymore anyway.” As we put “my” lingerie away she explained how some of it was for everyday wear and other was really “for special occasions”, not to wear like to school. She admonished me to “be careful” because if people knew they would not understand.

Some people still don’t understand, but lots of guys appreciate when I wear “special occasion” lingerie for them!
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Such a sweet story and sweet Mom. Life should be that way. My neighbor and GF knows her son was messing with her undies and wanted me to make him stop. I took him to my house and had him dress in some of my things. He looked foolish as he was only 13.and nothing fit. I called his Mom and told her nothing fit him and we had to take him shopping and let him dress up.. He was so scared he wet the floor. <br />
But his Mom came over and we made a plan about letting him have some girly things. He said he didn't want to, but we pointed out that he was already wearing someone's undies and that was wrong. His Mom just wanted him to be happy. He said to leave him alone and his Mom asked if a bra and panties wouldn't make him happy. He started to say no, but his Mom said for him to be careful, because his Mom wanted to give him what he wanted. So she asked him again if he really didn't want to wear girls' and he said he guessed so. So does she keep him in girlie things now? I guess so. Does he like it? He asks for more now. Its really been good for him. she also has him on blockers now and they even make him act girlie.

truly a lovely story.

My Mom caught me once too! I was all dolled up in sexy black lingerie and high heels and she walked in on me! I must have startled her at first because she said "Oh, excuse me!!!!", I was terrified and just stood there waiting for her to start yelling at me but she smiled and let out a little giggle as I said "Oh, that's alright" and walked out of the room. She never said anything to me about it. That was 20 years ago and I think now that maybe she liked it, judging by her reaction. Maybe I could have talked to her about it and we could have secretly played "dress up" but I'll never know.

What a loving and caring mother.Set you up for life I think.Lucky you

I just wish all people where as understanding as your Mom!<br />
It would make it alot easier on us all!

You are lucky, All I ever got from raiding my mom's lingerie drawer was a good spanking and a mom son chat about what might happen if other kids ever caught me wearing girly things. But, mom did dress me up for special occasions, mostly Halloween. She also used me as a dress dummy for my cousin who happened to be the same size as me until she started getting a girly figure

You are very lucky to have such an understanding Mum. Does she know you still dress?

What a wonderful Mom.