Caught By Next Door Girl

I am already a cross dresser in my teens and lived in a house next door to a teen girl attending catholic girls high school and her parents would be away often leaving her home alone but she would often go out with her school friends, i loved watching her come home in her school uniform.We were very good friends she was a year older than me and i was just a couple of inches taller otherwise much the same build. One Saturday morning I knew she was going out for the day and her parents were away. Wearing just a t-shirt and shorts jumped our back fence and snuck into her laundry by the back door and hid behind the door, heard her friends walk in she closed the back door and they left via the front door. i went to her room and in her laundry basket was all the things she wore to school yesterday not washed, I was soon fully dressed in her school uniform, black tights, white blouse, tie, navy blue tartan pinafore tunic belt done up school blazer on and her black school shoes, and per chance she had 2 or 3 wigs in page boy bobs which i put one on and combed into shape, was walking around the house enjoying being a schoolgirl, went to the toilet, and heard the front door open and voices she was home with her friends, i stepped into the bath tub and pulled the shower curtain over hoping not to get caught, They were leaving they were all outside , no the door opened the tap on the dark uniform shaped through the curtain she screamed the others came in and I was discovered. i was shaking like a leaf all sorts of hell been found out whats going to happen running though my mind, we are all in the lounge room her and 3 of her friends sitting on the chairs looking at me standing there. She was shouting at me i was crying and suddenly one of her friends said Jill Stop, This is great for you, silence you've got some one to do your home work ours too. What are you saying let him dress up nothing wrong with that make him do our homework while we are out and have him dressed in school uniform, I'll pop home and be back shortly with my old uniform, i went into the bedroom and they all came too they said we're all girls arn't we, so i undressed and redressed this time having to wear black woolen tights under pale yellow blouse and chocolate brown tunic with school blazer and black T strap shoes with a chunky heel. from now on Beverly i will tell you when to come over and you can do our homework at the table while we are out, but today is a big day for you, I'll go tell your mom that you are coming out with us tonight. They were all dressed in their school uniforms all 5 of us and the Taxi arrived i was now shaking as they told me to be quiet and not ask questions. The Taxi stopped we got out and another girl came out of a house and we started walking around the corner they grabbed my hands and said you'll love it Beverly its dales high school dance tonight, It was the boys school dance in the hall we walked in the music so loud lights dimmed sparkling on the disco light i stayed close to my friends till they started to dance they pulled me onto the dance floor to dance and so i did then a boy had his arms around me for the next few hours i could not get away from him, it was dales brother she told him to dance with me. We went home, Jill and Donna took me inside and told me how it was going to be and I accepted their demands.
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Sounds like a wonderful childhood for you Beverly<br />
Hugs<br />

Thank you was a good time

Fantastic story! I too once snuck into my neighbors house while nobody was home. They had left the back door on their deck standing wide open for their dog to go in and out of the house and I saw my oportunity to get a pair of "Sue's" panties----the attractive woman who lives next door. I went over to their house and went inside, calling my neighbors name, "Sue, .....Steve,......anybody home?" Got no answer and so went right upstairs to their bedroom. Found Sue's panty drawer and took a pair of her panties-----silky smooth white panties with lace trim. Left the house and went back over to my house and put them on. Later that day, saw Sue out in the yard and went out to chat with her. Such a huge thrill to be standing their talking with her while wearing her panties!!!!!!