My wife came home and told me a sad story. She was shopping in the pantie aisle for some panties for herself. There is a guy shopping for panties, my wife knows this guys wife is petite. My wife noticed that the panties this guy had in his armed were a size 7, 8 and 9. A sales girl asked the guy if she could help him and asked him if he was shopping for himself. My wife told me that this guy turned beet red and said no. (After re-assuring him that it was ok.) The sales girl asked again if he was buying panties for himself as she cocked her head to the side and down a little. The moron dropped all of the panties that he had and ran out of the store. My wife said that she felt bad for the guy. I interrupted her and said that the guy should "Man up". The sales girl told him that it was okay for him to wear panties and the guy drops them and runs away.
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The first time I bought pantyhose for myself (as opposed to "borrowing" my mother's) was when I was around 19. I think it was from Marks and Spencers in the UK. My legs felt like jelly and if the sales assistant had said anything, I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to say anything coherent. However, the transaction passed by pretty much wordlessly and I emerged with my precious purchase. But there was no way I would have run away. That would just have made things worse.

I buy women's clothing either dressed or in male mode. Even received a few compliments for the articles I chose.

Same here.

it sounds like the sales girl was nice about it... i've had female friends ask me why i paint my nails or why i wear panties or thongs and so on... my fiances best friend she thouhg i was wearing my girls panties and she wars the same size but my fiance was like nope its his... and she was like intrested... well the only two girls who have seen my penis in real life except for my mom when i was a baby is my fiance and her best friend... it was kinda fun her ******* me off while her friend watched... but back to the point the guy really shount' feel embarrased but i know when i go shopping when i look for panties i need my girl there to help me cuse i feel unsecure... but if a nice girl approached me i'd kinda feel weird than good about it afterwards.. so yeah

People shouldn't feel uncomfortable about buying panties, for that matter anything. They get thousands of guys buying female clothes for them selves every month. My wife took a seasonal job at Macy's many years ago, during orientation they told her not to be shocked when men were shopping for women's clothes.

Well we are all different in some way or another and this poor guy is ashamed apparently . I hope for his sake that he can adjust and accept himself . I remember the first couple of times I was buying things and it was a scary thing for me ,now if asked anything I just tell the truth but it took a while to get to that point .

My first g/f took me to buy my first heels (I was 13). When she told the sales girl that we were shopping for heels for me I thought that I would jump out of my skin, but I didn't drop everything and run.