In School, Sort Of...

When I was 15 years old The highschool I went to allowed you to take part of the aquaculture program where you went to a different school for science courses half way throUgh the day. So on a day I'm 100% sure everyone is skipping since there was an evenet going on at our regular school. I have one friend that knew I dressed and I was going to her house after school to go shopping in another town. So I put on a bra, black pantyhose, and panties under my regular clothes (it was during the winter so it was easy) and thought it would be fine and stuff a plad skirt, a white tank top and white heels in my bag with a black wig. So i get on he bus and as it's time to leave no one gets on (there were only12 of us who went to the program) except for my friend Nikki who is a year older and I'm thinking crap, this might not work and I won't be able to blow of f school. So she gets on and we talk and she looks at my feet and my pants were higher than they should have been so you could see pantyhose and she feels them. She was beautiful, her hair was blond, and her eyes were a crystal blue. Her breasts were a c cup too which she told me later on. So she's curious to see what that's about and forceably gets on me, and pulls off my belt and my pants down so I'm exposed. I tell her everything, I told her about my dressing since I was about 6 and everything how I'm still completely straight. She listens and I notice something changes in her. She grabs my bag, opens it and tells me to get ready. I assumed she meant for my skipping and I do what she says and she hops into my seat, grabs make up from her bag and does the fastest makeover I have ever seen. I look into a mirror and I couldn't recognize myself. I really loomed like a 15 year old girl and a hot one. So we get off the bus even though I'm dressed and the bus driver asks wasn't there a boy on the bus? Nikki immediately says no. So we head to the mall and do some shopping and spend some quality tine and shave fun. A couple of guys starting hitting on us which made me feel fantastic and beautiful. She asked me if I had a name and I said Alex. So Nikki and I go to victoria's secret and meet up with my other friend and do even more fun things and bond. Her attitude towards me changed completely. She seemed different. The best part was though when she bought me new red heels to match my skirt better. I loved it. Once the time came we left the mall and headed for the school to get on the bus. Me and Nikki go to the very back and this was a bus that had curtains in it for handicapped kids. She told me to grab black lipstick from her purse and put it on. I did and she closed the curtains. She walked over to me and sat on my lap with her legs open to my stomach and said I was the sexiest man she ever met and started making out with me. I was shocked but she was a babe, and I was completely fine with it. She forces me to the floor of the bus and as we kiss on the new floor she pulls my pantyhose down so that my **** was out. Her eyes widened and she started sucking it slowly. It felt so good, her mouth and toungue, and she rubbed my leg and she took my hand so that I would massaging her breasts with it. She pulls her jeans to the ground and pills a big black ***** out of her bag and tells me to slowly shove it in her ***. I didn't want to deny my queen her right to pleasure so I did it. Once that was done she bent over and said don't be gentle while ****ing her. I go in hard  on the front end and she had to bite into her arm so she wouldn't ****** and moan loud enough for the bus driver to hear. Once I climaxed she pulled her panties up and I put my clothes back to together as well. She licked her lips and said she was still hungry. This scared me a little and she pulled a strap on out of her bag and put it on. She asked if I minded and I said no. She bent me over and went in. It felt good. After a little it was time for climax and she said to aim for her face, and she smiled happily and satisfied while licking herself clean. I laid down on her, like we were an accomplished lesbian couple, and felt her big breasts. once it was time we got off the bus at my house and decided we would start seeing each other. We truly do love each other In Fact I might marry her soon now that in about to turn 20. She is still beautiful and we are always buying each othe presents. Life is great with her, and it puts a smile on my face.
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You are so lucky, many of us, just wishes a woman like your girlfriend.

All gg's should have that attitude.