Bride For A Day Part 2

after I had ******** my sister(still giggling) handed me a White lacy frilly bra and told me to put it on. next came some matching panties and stockings. having them there watching and teasing me gave me a massive erection and my mum said oooh u really like dressing up don't you Nicole( this was the name she had given me) were going to have to do something about that. she laid me on the bed and told my sister to sit on top of me. my sister rubbed the front of her panties all over my face and kept whispering in my ear *** for me *** for your mistress it was all to much and I let off a massive load all over her. my mum then told my sister to lick me clean she ran her Tongue all over my **** and pushed it into her mouth. when she was finished she pulled me off the bed and said it was time for me to put on my corset. the corset was so tight I couldn't breathe but my mum kept saying just relax Nicole all girls must go through this. after the corset came the petticoats. I asked them to stop and that I had learnt my lesson but my mum said don't be silly Nicole u wanted this remember. after the petticoats were on it was time for the wedding dress it was made of pure silk and it made me feel so feminine. then it was a pair of White 4 inch heels. now that my outfit was ready they said it was time for the next stage..........
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I love the fact that they atleast made you *** and put that fine *** dress on you.

what is the next stage