Catching My Sissy Boy Brother

this is the true story of how I found out my little brother is a sissy. I had been out all day with my friends and had just driven home. when I walked in I heard a sort of moaning sound from upstairs I went up to find out wat it was when I walked into my parents bedroom and found my little tranny brother wearing my bra and panties he had also tied himself to my mums bed with 4 of my mums bra's. I said "well what do we have here" and his head spun round to look at me. I couldn't contain my laughter anymore and burst out laughing and teasing him about being a sissy boy. he sobbed and cried but the best part was he couldn't untie himself from the bed and just lay on the bed trying to free himself. Once I had finally stopped laughing I got out my phone and took a few photos of him and he tried to hide his face but I pulled his face infront of the phone camera and said smile sissy boy. he was pleading with me to let untie him before our mum got home so I said if he did exactly what I said then I would let him go, I was lying of course I wasn't going to let my sissy brother get away with wearing my clothes. the first thing I did was found an old blonde wig I had used for a school play and put it on him. next came my favourite bit which was putting lipstick on him as he was crying the whole time. al the time I was taking photos of his humiliation. there was only 5 minutes left until my mum was due home and he told me to untie him but I just said I don't think you have learnt your lesson yet and he started screaming but I didn't listen and soon enough my mum got home. when she saw him she could not stop laughing and asking him if his panties were comfortable. my macho brother was now a sobbing sissy. that's when me and my mum had a brilliant idea, she untied him and he thought it was all over but as he was leaving she called not so fast sissy and made him bend over her knee. then she pulled out a wooden hairbrush and smacked his girly *** until he told her his facebook password. then I held him down while my mum posted all of the pictures I had taken on his facebook acouny
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you are a *****

That's right, don't tell anyone you like to wear girls clothes or or could be the end of a good thing for you. Sometimes its better to hide what you do in private unless you want everyone and I mean everyone to know you like being a sissy boy.

That's cruel unless he liked it!

What do we look for at FB so we can see his sissy pictures

I'd love to see that account!

no wonder a lot of cross dressers do not tell anyone,<br />
to have your fun with him was ok, <br />
but to post the photo's into face book, was the height of cruelty from you both,

That's what sister's or girls in general do if they find you out. I'm well experienced in becoming a complete sissy brought on by my sister and mom while I was growing up too.