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Blackmailed Sissy

I was on a sleepover with two of my friends that are girls and I fell asleep while watching a film and while I was asleep they put bright red lipstick on me and took loads of photos. I woke up and they were laughing hysterically I asked what was so funny and they said we think u might have something on ur face and I went to the mirror and they kept sticking their lips out at me and saying does it taste nice? I saw myself and desperately tried to wipe it of but they said no don't wipe it off it really suits you! then they showed me all of the pictures of me wearing lipstick and said if I let them dress me completely as a girl they wouldn't show anyone the pictures so I agreed and they took me into my friends walk in wardrobe and picked out some pink panties, bra and pantyhose and garter belt. then came some red high heels and a really tight little red dress. then we went back into her bedroom and they told me to *****. they laughed as I pulled down my pants and waved their little fingers at me and said our fingers are bigger than ur ****! then they slipped the panties up my legs and they fastened the garter belt onto the pantyhose and once that was done they slipped the bra on and fastened it as tight as possible. now they took a few more photos and told me to pose sexy for the camera so I rubbed the bra and rubbed by tights together, there was tons more laughing at this. then they said it's time for the main event and told me to step into the dress and they pulled up the tight thick zipper at the back and tied ribbon through it so I couldn't take it off. the heels were slipped onto my feet next then one of my friends found a blonde wig and they spent ages brushing it so it looked right. they then told me to pucker up so they could put more lipstick on me because it looked so sexy before. once I was done they stepped back and started laughing again and taking photos. they made me sleep wearing everything. in the morning I woke up to more laughter from them and then I realised my friends mum was with them and I tried to hide under the duvet but they pulled it off. her mum said I have to say girls you have made a brilliant job she really looks fantastic! when she said she it started them all laughing again. i tried to start taking everything off but they said sorry we havent had all our fun yet and if your not wearing that dress when you come down for breakfast these pictures will have to go on facebook. ok I said and I stopped taking the heels off. then her mum said actually you three girls have given me an idea, I will just go and get my husband. when we went down for breakfast we found my friends dad dresses the same as me but his dress was a pink prom dress. we were both so embarrassed we just let them tease us. once breakfast was over her mum said ok you can go and get changed now I stood up and went in the other room and tried to get changed but I found out they had put little locks on the heels which meant I couldn't take them or the pantyhose off and the ribbon was still holding the dress on as well. I went back to them and asked them to undo the locks and untie the ribbon but they just said we said you could get changed but we never said we would help you. I said please my parents and brother will be here soon to pick me up but they just stared at me and said sorry can't help. that's when I heard a car pull up outside and someone ring the doorbell. it was my parents! her mum walked to the door and flung it open. hi she said your son is just through here but I must warn you he might look a bit different. when they saw me they just couldn't stop laughing and told me I made a hot girl. her mum lied and said I had been caught trying on her daughters things and this was my punishment. then her mum said he cant actually take any of that off so feel free to take him home in it. my parents faces lit up and they said that sounds like a brilliant idea and don't worry we won't let him change anytime soon. then her mum said oh but first let's just take off the wig we wouldn't want anyone thinking he was a real girl now would we oh and here are a few photos of h dressed up, these should keep him in line should he choose to misbehave. thankyou so much my parents said we will take good care of our little girl now. they took me to the car and sat me in the front seat so as many people could see me as possible. more oft friends from school live in that area and they started pointing and laughing as I drove past. halfway through the journey we reached a tesco's and they told me to get out. I said please god no not that but they just waved the pictures infront of me and I got out of the car. we walked into the supermarket and everyone was staring at me. a few people I knew whistled as I went past and made fun of me. while we were walking around my dad asked me to go and find something and I went off looking for it. once I had found it I went back to where they were and they went there. then I got a call on my phone saying that they had gone and I would have to find my own way home...
princesssissy princesssissy 16-17, M 20 Responses Feb 23, 2012

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Several holes in your story. Who lets a guy spend the night with under age girls even if the boy is under age

tats not cool of ur parents to treat u dat r u leting them do dat to u.cant u protect it will be cool for to do d same but not for my parents

You should have enjoyed such treatment. If only they had allowed you to wear the wig.

Missing elements of a story does not detract from it's authenticity. A more fleshed out story is more likely fictional.

Gee Ralph, are you telling me not all these stories are true? Shocking!

I dont understand the ribbon keeping the dress on?

If you figure that one out, let me know how you affix a garter belt to pantyhose.!

What have we learned about the ratio of fiction to nonfiction, particularly in groups like this?

Sounds like a great experience, but did you enjoy it so much to have them do it to you again?
If you liked it, then your on your way to becoming a true sissy. And if so here is a slip you need to wear under your dress next time.

Btw this story doesn't seem to be finnished.

No, No, No! You never encourage others to mistreat you. You justify their actions when you do and they fail to see the harm done to you. It is dishonest. This would be an opportunity to find out who your friends are and who actually respects you and who does not. It seems this person does not enjoy the respect of his family and friends. My course of action would be to not go home right away. I would withdraw myself from the offenders as much as I can and give them no indication that a cogenial relationship exists (continues). If you let them get away with it without repurcussion then it stands a greater chance of spiraling out of control. Of course such a reaction would only be effective if ones treatment is unwarranted/unjustified.

This story includes a lot of the broad elements of a forced feminization fantasy story, so congrads in that department. But then when it becomes so unrealistic in scope or progresses too quickly that the odds of this occurring in real life goes to near zero my mind doesn't respond in a positive way and sees it just as a flight of fantasy.

Also it moves through girl-friends, to one of their parents, then to his parents so quickly that none of the three segments really get very well developed or explored, so in that regards this one story has a lot of lost opportunity. Instead I would have made this a three-part longer story with each part being one of the three key segments and fill in some missing sub-elements to each segment.

Also with taking the victim-guy all dressed up to the store but without a wig on it's more about "humiliation" than any "risk of discovery" which the latter can be an exciting element to going out, or being taken out, in public. No doubt some readers will appreciate the "forced feminization and humiliation" aspect to this story, but for others it's not real-life based enough to particularly enjoy reading.

But then there's a niche-interest for many types of trans-stories so no doubt it will have it's share of readership. Just suggest making each segment longer and more developed so more elements can be included and it will seem a tad more believable for all readers. Also in a longish story dividing it up into paragraphs really helps improve readability, like every 2-4 sentences at most.

However, this story has a good start and with some further effort could be improved. I typically revise (adding elements or improving sentence/words used) my experiences and stories 3-10+ times before I feel I've gotten them right, often ending up looking quite a bit different by the time I'm finally satisfied and included all the critical elements, and made them more enjoyable and readable to members. Just my two-cents worth of course.

LilChrissy, this definitely didn't happen. "they fastened the garter belt onto the pantyhose" Precisely how does one go about doing that?


Could that be simply a "mis-speak" and they meant stockings? (in either case) Given given how many "humiliation" elements are including in this one story, then I feel that likely you are right ...this is mostly or totally a made-up story. Thanks for the heads-up on that aspect!

Your parents saw you were upset so turn the tables- tell them you loved the dress but really want a couple of skirts for school because you take P.E (gym classes). That will get their attention quickly.

You must have grown up in the same town I did, cause this is the same as me too. Oooh lets dream together about the earlier life we both had.

What happened after that? How long were you made to wear the dress?

id love to see more of your stories? how can i do that?

are you now a bad girl? i am!

Fabulous did that experience get you started cross dressing!

How long did it take you to get home ?

the most embarrassing bit of all was the massive erection I got when they were dressing me up!

All said and done you enjoyed it though - right?

You must have been a really bad boy.