Caught By Mom

A couple years ago my family was out for the night so I decided to dress in my sisters clothes. I had on a lacy thong and matching bra with beast enhancers in it, a mini skirt, shaved body, a button up blouse, and high heels. I was putting on makeup when my mom entered into my sister's room. She laughed at first then she came back and I was still dressed, she said, "do you like dressing like this." Of course I lied at first but she saw through that said, "if you don't like it then why are you head to toe in girl's clothes and have a decent makeup job." I was extremely embarrassed. I finally said yes and she said it's OK a lot of men your age are curious about this kind of stuff, it's natural. She asked if it was a sexual thing and I said yes (seeing as there was no more point in lying) and she asked if I wanted a playboy instead. I said no. She then asked if I wanted a Playgirl, again I said no. She asked me if I liked men and I said it's only a fantasy when dressed up and that I'd never act on it (I lied). She was a little upset and left home again. I changed into my male clothes and late at night she came to my room with the breast enhancers, skirt, bra, blouse, the underwear and another set of matching panties and bra, a teddie, and both a Playboy and Playgirl. She said she loved me and would support me no matter what gender or orientation I was. I was very embarrassed but it really meant a lot to me.
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I'm sure you are beautiful

It must be very nice to be Excepted.

What a wonderful Mother!

Very cool mom!

I want that type mom, who support me

Very cool ,and as it should be. Have fun!

What a wonderful mom, to be understanding, supportive, and loving.
Although we never talked about it directly, over the years my mom would quietly indulge my desire to be a girl in little ways. As you said, it meant a lot.

I love your story. I wish my mom had been as supportive as yours

so lucky to have a wonderful and understanding mother as you do

I love your picture. You are lovely and have a very understanding mom.

Lucky l wish my mum had not freak out l was end up 4 a long time hating my feelings

Thanks for sharing your story. I think your mom handled it perfectly. I was never caught, but if I had been, I would hope my mother would have been as wise and as cool as yours.

I love this story. I've never been caught, although i did have mascara on once and my mum saw me when i was about 14, i clearly didn't get it off properly and as i was walking down the stairs, my mum was at the bottom walking into another room and she looked up at me and casually said: "is that mascara you've got on?", with a smile that said, it's perfectly ok whatever you are and that she accepts me no matter what. It's only now through writing this that it's come to mind again. I've never spoken outright to anyone about my sexuality but i know my mum's the person to speak to about it first. I know my mum wants me to be whoever i want to be but to actually discuss it openly with her, that's probably all i need to really go for the ol' HRT x

some parents want whatever makes you happy and others want whats best for you. Looks like your Mom chose both.

You are very, very fortunate to have such a supporive family. Count yourself as one of the lucky ones. <br />
By the looks of your avatar both you and your sister are doing a great job. Enjoy what is happening to you and keep us informed.

Great story add me plz :)

My sister was supportive of my dressing but the rest of my family hated it. Still I am ever so grateful that she did support me.

you are so lucky to have the support of your family

Wow..To have such a supportive Mother must have been such a relief to to be able to openly fem. In addition someone to do girly things together.

that is a very nice story you are very lucky

You are very lucky to have such an understanding mother. Best of luck in your quest

we all need support like that best wishes in your life

Wonderful to read Sis' stories about supportive G G's. Thank you for sharing

You are one very lucky girl and I am so happy for you x

Seize the day!

That's a great story!

It just proves that your mum loves you unconditionally. Great to have your family supportive as well. Thanks for sharing

Great story huni, it's good to have the support around you XXXXXX

That's what I call support!!

It is great to have support from your mom, many females don't. When growing up I only wish I had that encouragement. I kept my desire for feminine attire secret for such a long time, until I found a girl also supportive of my crossdressing.

What a great Mom! Enjoy your journey. From experience I can tell you it gets much easier when you accept and embrace yourself. I spent years in denial and self loathing. This is who you are, love yourself and others will follow.