Turning Our Little Brother Into A Girl

We are both 18 and this is how we found out that our 7 year old brother is a sissygirl. our cousins were staying at ours and our little brother had to sleep in our room with us and our cousin and she is 17.our parents were all out so it was just us our cousin and my brother our two boy cousins. well because he was younger he went to bed earlier and when we came up to bed we saw something red poking out the bottom of his duvet. we went over and pulled his duvet off, we all gasped when we saw that he was wearing my red stockings and my sisters lacy red panties. we could barely contain our laughter and we got a few photos of him while he was still asleep. then he started to stir and we stood over him he opened his eyes and looked at us. then we pointed at his legs and he suddenly realised we could see him. he tried to cover himself up but we held him still and took more photos. them our cousin came up with a great idea, me and my sis went downstairs and found some cough syrup we brought it up and sat on his bed. then we told him that those clothes are for girls only and since he was wearing them then he must be a girl. we told him the cough syrup was a sissification potion and would transform him into a girl. he shook his head and pleaded with us but we opened his mouth and poured it down. then I covered his eyes and the other two put a bra on him and stuffed it with panties and he really believed he had grown boobs. our cousin had a really short black miniskirt and we put that on him as well as a frilly pink top with a big love heart on the front. he was wriggling around and trying to pull the clothes off but I still covered his eyes and held his arms still. to finish off they used a blonde wig and pink lipstick and a pair of pink heels. we finished him and I uncovered his eyes. we pushed him to the mirror and he stared at himself and he really thought we had turned him into a real girl. he screamed "change me back!" "change me back!, I don't want to be a girl!" this just made is laugh even more. he tried to take some of his clothes off so we grabbed his hands and used his school tie to tie them together. all the shouting had woken up our boy cousins and they walked into my room to see what was going on, when they saw him they grabbed their phones and took picture after picture of him. he was getting annoying with all the screaming so we got some masking tape and put it over his (her) mouth. we then used a couple of our bra's to tie his hands to our chair and we wheeled him out into the hallway. that's when we saw the headlights from our parents and cousins parents cars. they slowly walked up the path to the house and brother was crying. they walked in and stared at him. they didn't say a word for about a minute then just burst into hysterics. we then said we found him wearing all our clothes and the makeup and wig was his idea. he then yanked at the bra's and snapped them then turned and ran down the hall, but he forgot he was wearing heels and he fell and twisted his ankle. we walked over and removed the tape. my mum bent down to look at his ankle and said we better take you to the hospital. she said go and get changed and he stood up. we then said wait mum he wanted to be dressed like that earlier so surely he wants to be taken to hospital in it. his eyes widened and he started to beg but mum picked him up and carried him to the car. as she left she said good work girls and she drove him to hospital. we didn't go but we heard from mum that she had to drag him in and he was screaming I'm a boy!! when he got home we made him sleep I'm the clothes and in the morning we dressed him as a fairytale princess but that's another story bye bye xxxxxxx
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Back when I was growing up in the 50's my mom and sister even tho a little perverted as to what they did to me, they didn't have the information like they have today. We didn't have computers available like they are today and I guess they just thot they were helping me find myself as I grew up.
Today their are schools to go to to be a maid and there are operations for TV's, and the information for what we are wasn't around to even know what they were doing.
It may seem to be in a sick state of mind today, but I dont thing my mom and sis were sick, they were just trying to adjust to themselves to what I wanted to become.

******* BULLIES! Burn in HELL!

That's rather strong don't you think? Calm down and enjoy it.

He probably did deep down.

yeah well I am a crossdresser too but seriously that is twisted.

You bunch of ********! The kid was 7! Everyone in his family bullying him equates to him not having a family! I would LOVE to see karma pay these bullies back!

When I was seven I would have loved it. As an early starter I was in to everything.

Not only will he be a life time CD. He will need bondage and humiliation too...;-)

This is a picture of Bobby in his petticoats.

Wish it was me

My mom caught me several times wearing her clothes and said the next time she would dress me all the way. After that my sister caught me again and again and till she decided to <br />
make me dress all the way like a girl like my mom said she'd do. <br />
<br />
She threw all my boy clothes away. And now I wear panties, nylons and petticoat slips under dresses at home and under Capri's when I'm out. <br />
My mom came home one day and found me in a dress. I told her sis made me dress this way. She giggled and said for me to wear what ever my sister says to, she is in charge.<br />
<br />
Everyone round my neighborhood knows now that I'm a sissy. Some girls that live close by come over just to laugh and giggle at me cleaning my house.<br />
My sister and mom laugh right along with them, they say they have the cutest little sissy girl around.

i wish my sisters had done that to me. but that doesn't matter now i dress my self every day before work

finally two girls who know what their doing! u shud so take him to school like that and see the little sissy squirm in his heels. make sure to get a few photos of him dressed up and post them on facebook, we wouldn't want anyone not knowing he is a sissy would we? I wish we had more girls like you two who believe sissys should be punishes for their perverted ways and publically humiliated. bye kiss kiss to your brother ( or should I say sister!)

Do you still dress your brother in girls clothes??? and has he started to enjoy it yet???