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Left Tied Up As A Sissy

I have two friends that are girls and they both know I love to crossdress I often used to go round to theirs, they would dress me up and spank me and call me a sissy. I have also been caught by my mum while wearing her wedding dress and she told me she would let me off but if she ever caught me again I would never dress as a boy again. well one day I had my friends over at my place and my mum was out ( I am an only child and my parents split up) we went to my room and they opened their bags. inside wear silk miniskirts, bra's panties and garter belts, wigs and heels. I got so excited and before long I was wearing a tight and very short pink silk dress that had no shoulder straps and barely covered my lace pink panties and a stuffed bra. they could see I was horny and they pushed me onto my bed. they rubbed my stockinged legs and crotch then handcuffed me to the bed and my feet as well. I was seriously horny now and was shaking they started kissing while laying on top of me and I exploded all over the panties and dress. then they got up really quickly. they said "this has been fun but we have to go now" ok I said now release the handcuffs. they looked at each other and turned to me and shook their head. they said bye bye and blew me a kiss and headed for the door. no I said you have to let me go! they kept walking and I shouted please! you know what my mum will do! they said "not our problem, bye kiss kiss" I frantically yanked at the handcuffs but they wouldn't break and I was trapped. with only an hour till my mum got home I was desperately trying to free myself. I heard them laughing as they closed the front door and I was alone. the hour went past so quickly and I was terrified when I heard her call up hi I'm home! unable to move I had to wait till she came up. when she walked through the door into my room she said hi sissyboy. she came over and undid the handcuffs. I told her about my friends leaving me but she put her finger on my lips and said "sssshh were going out tonight and we need to get you ready"
sissyslavexxx sissyslavexxx 16-17, M 6 Responses Apr 16, 2012

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Love it!

Nice this happen to me but my mom knew about me crossdressing

in my opinion they let u off easily, they should of got ur hot *** and rubbed it all over ur sissy face! they should of took photos of you and put them on facebook and most importantly they should of cut off your tiny sissy **** and shoved it down your throat. even after all the humiliation I bet u still got a sexual thrill out of it! ur sick and have fun wanking in a dress with ur tiny **** bye kiss kiss sissy

Yes, we need more.

Do tell the rest of the story.

hey i love ur story its really hot but is it true.