Ile Take On 'thewhiphand!'

I'm sick of that ***** thewhiphand tormenting and humiliating nice people. I just wanted to say, if thewhiphand wants to have a go at dominating this sissy then she better get ready for fight. I'm a sissy and proud of it! so whiphand if ur reading this ile give u my address and you can try your beautiful red lips on me. so basically f#uck u thewhiphand!
strongsissy strongsissy
26-30, M
7 Responses May 5, 2012

Ummmm what ever happened who won hehe

I've never sucked a c#ck in my life, and I wont ever, if u think I'm going to go easy on you then your very VERY wrong. ps oh I'm packing my French maids outfit for you to wear, which colour do you prefer pink and White or black and White? kiss kiss

I've sent you my address get ready for the toughest sissy you've ever tried to dominate and I promise you before this is over I will have YOU kneeling on my floor sucking my c#ck and covered in my c#m and begging me not to show your fans what a pathetic b#tch you really are!

and ps I live sort of near times square so private message me your address and ile bring my whip. I'm going to have you on the floor begging for mercy, be there soon sissy kiss kiss xxx

typical sissy, you pretend to be tough but deep down your just a pathetic loser and I will show the world who you really are. oh and you think wearing a dress makes you tough!! oh and for your information no one can resist my lips, they have broken sissy after sissy and will do the same to you too. kiss kiss

if u want to take me on whiphand then I will make I wish you had never been mean to anyone, and those red lips won't work on me, I live near times square so if you want to come over and try and beat me then feel free oh "kiss kiss" hahahaha

well isn't somebody trying to be tough. like a pathetic sissy like you could ever be tough. u sissies disgust me and if you want to take me on then fine, just say time and place and ile teach you a lesson. i will bring my whip and show you how you sissies are my property and ole do what I want with you kissy kissy sissy