Photos Of 'thewhiphand' Tied Up

hi as you can see in my last post, i invited 'thewhiphand' over to my place to try her domination and humiliation tactics on me, i am sick of the way she is so mean to nice people who don't want her evil ways. i wanted to see if those red lips she boasts about in every message have any power over me, and here is what happened. i gave her my address and she came over. she knocked on the door and i let her in. As soon as she opened the door she struck me with her leather whip on my face. because i was so surprised i fell over and she quickly tied my hands and feet with rope.  she had tied them so tightly i couldnt get free so i decided to play along and pretend she had beaten me. She pulled of all of my clothes and while she was doing it she said "you dare to challenge me!" and "beg for your mistress to show mercy". i did as she said and begged her to be gentle with me. she just laughed and said "look who's the tough one now!" she then dressed me in the outfits she brought with me. here are the photos i got from her phone of her trying to dominate meThe whole time i pretended i was beaten but i had managed to loosen the knots a bit and was slowly getting free. she rubbed my *** with her whip and gave me a good spanking. it hurt like hell and i admit i was crying.  then i got my chance, she was on her phone texting and had her back to me, my hands were now free and i grabbed her and through her onto the bed. she tried to get up but i held her wrists and wouldnt let her. i pulled down the panties she put on me and held her nose until she opened her mouth. i then forced my **** in and made her suck it. she was saying "no please stop" "ile never be a dominatrix again!" "please" i laughed and kept going. i then blew my load all over her face. she was covered in my c+m and was begging me to stop. i then took of my panties and cleaned her face with them. she told me she would give me any amount of money to not tell anyone about this but i refused and held her wrists while i took of her dress. she was annoying me constantly begging me to let her go so i stuck a gag in her mouth. i had her in her underwear with a gag in her mouth, i decided i was ready to finish her off and used the rope to tie her up then i took her into the other room for a few photos.....

Here is 'thewhiphand'!! as you can see those red lips dont exist!! she has been lying to everyone and  i finally made her pay. After this i untied her and let her put her dress back on. i sent her home in a taxi and told her to never be mean to anyone again or i might just have to take control of MY ***** again.

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I like to be a sissy male maid to a woman all the time be tie up and be gag to and rent me out make more money to .

Ohh there it is thanks so much sounds like you both had fun

haha, karma is a ***** right? :)

Good for you!!!! I hope to never hear of thewhiphand ever again.