Caught Ray Chap 3

I woke up in Ray’s arms still wearing my pink top. He was hard as a rock. I rolled over and while he was still a sleep, I began waking him up by licking and sucking his member. “Oh my what a wonderful way to start the day”, he said while he ran his fingers through my hair. He exploded down my throat as I took all his juices.
“I’ll fix breakfast while you dress for golf. Don’t forget to wear your panties”, he smiled.
We were going to play with two of his friends. We ate and went to the course and he introduced me to John and Bob. It was great fun, especially feeling my c*** rubbing my panties as we played. After the round I sat next to John who would rub his leg against mine.
Ray and I got into his car and headed home. I told him about John and he smiled, “John likes guys. He did lose our bet. The loser had to be the bottom and he was coming over to pay up. I want to really surprise him.” He reached over and rubbed me. “When we get back I want you to shower and put on the other outfit I bought you. Then you wait in the living room until we finish out shower.”
I jumped out of the car, ran to the bathroom, ***** down and showered. I went into the bedroom and on the bed was a waist cincher with six garters, black stockings with pink ribbons on top, a long line black bra, black sun dress, and a wonderful page boy wig. I dressed slowly feeling the stockings on my legs. I slipped on the dress and it was so short it barley reached the top of my stockings. As I slipped on the wig, I heard John arrive. I went to the living room and sat like a lady waiting for them to come out.
They came into the room both naked and erect. John’s jaw dropped. “Oh my god, how wonderful”, he said. I stood up, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I rubbed my stocking cover leg against his. “This is better than a lunch, isn’t John?”
He undid my dress a let it fall to the floor. I took his hand and headed to the bedroom. “It’s time you paid of your bet”. Ray followed close behind.
In the bedroom I got on my knees and licked a sucked both of them. John got on the bed, his *** in the air. “Ok sissy, make his *** wet for me”, Ray said. I got up behind John and licked and tongue his *** spitting in to make it wetter. I got of the bed and sucked Ray’s c*** to make him wet. He got up behind John and entered him in one motion. While Ray pumped into John, I kissed him and licked his c***. Ray exploded and slipped out. John rolled over and I sucked him off.
The next adventure: Ray takes me out…………

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May 6, 2012