Love To Be Caught

I have been cross dressing for several years, for a while things were going well, I had my wife playing along and figured it would continue to progress as the years went on. However my wife has decided it is not ok, and has said she does not enjoy any aspect of it. This has just pushed me to be more in the open when she is not around. While we played together I would have her pick out a pair of her panties for me and we would go out, I would bend over to get something from a shelf etc and she would raise my shirt a little to show off my thong etc. It was so hot, I loved it. Since she made her feeling known I have pushed things on my own, lately as I drive for work I will wear only a bra, panties and panty hose or I will get out of the car along the interstate and change for anyone to see into my outfit, yesterday right after I changed into my panty hose, mini skirt and bra ( i was still wearing my dress shirt) I saw a large truck coming up the side road I was parked on, I decided to bend over into the car and push my *** into the air, the truck slowed as it passed and I could hear the guys in the truck yelling as they passed. As I live in the deep south and I am far from passable (facial hair etc) when I looked up and saw them stopping I freaked out and hauled it out of there. That night I was so worked up from my day on the road I wanted more, so I dressed myself up, head to toe, in my same outfit but with make-up and walked down to the hotel stairs, went down 2 floors then out to the parking lot. My heart was racing, I kept thinking I was going to get beat, or arrested or both. I made my way to my car, had a smoke and walked back to my room, strutting as much as I could the whole way. The next morning as I was checking out I could hear some of the hotel staff talking behind the breakfast area about how the night shift had seen some cross dressing ***** outside. I just stood there listening, loving it.
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

Crossdressing isn't illegal, public nudity is. Be careful what you show to who. Just some friendly advice.

I have done that even walked on the beach. No make up or facial hair. Just wearing lingerie and see through robe. Have fun. I love the thrill.