Crossdresser At The Local Chineese Restaurant

Last Friday I was enfemme and running about all the errands that need to be done. It was lunchtime and thought, it's time for lunch. I had a long purple dress on but don't usually wear makeup. As I was finishing desert and paying the check I heard a very familar voice. I had my hair cut a few weeks ago so perhaps, a good friend of mine would not recognize me when her friend said hello. She stepped up to the booth next to mine to chat. There I was in plain sight and rather nervous. what would she think if she saw me a huge guy in drag? well it wouldn't be the end of the world. Probably just a funny story. She loves shopping so maybe we could go to the mall and shop togher.

I finished up at the table and decided not to walk benind the table I was at where she and a friend were sitting. Grabbed my coat and purse and went around to the exit. Guess my heart was pumping a little. A few days later I saw her again and she did not say one thing about it. I'll see her and her friend again tonight so I'll see if the subject comes up. Guess I can laugh about it now.
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It might have been a close call but I'll bet your anxiety went up. I'll bet you were half wishing she would go away and half wishing she would sit down there with you and see you all dolled out. I'll bet the exhileration factor went way up. I'll even bet you enjoyed the incident a lot. Right or wrong?

The anxiety sure went up. I din't want to confront her. And she was having lunch with another mutual lady friend. The adrenalene was flowing and it was saying flee.

Glad you enjoyed the story.

It was fight or flight and I am glad you fought down the fear to flee.

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I saw her two days later and again at a meeting 5 days later and she has not said anything. Seems she was more interested in chatting with her good friend at the table/booth next to where I was sitting. As you said a close call.

I subscribed to your story so please update. I have always wondered what would happen. I've had s few close calls. Have fun!!!!