Dressed At The Bookstore

My mother dropped me off a Ray’s house. I was so excited about dressing for him and sleeping with him. Oh yes, and playing golf. I waved go by and ran into the house. He held me and kissed me. “We are going to have a wonderful weekend. Go to the bedroom and put on your slutty outfit. You will also find makeup and fake finger nails.”
I removed my guy closed and out on the waist thincher, stockings, and long line bra. I then put the pads into the bra and slipped on the very short dress. Now the makeup, I did it just like I had seen my mom do it. Next I put on the wig and finally the finger nails. I looked just like a *****. I was hard as a rock.
I went into the living room hoping we would make out and go back to the bedroom. “What a sexy **** my sissy has become”, he said. Now let’s get in the car for an adventure.
As we drove away, he told me he was taking me to a bookstore that had movie booths. He explained about the glory holes and how I would need to put my finger through the hole to encourage the guy to put his c*** through so I could suck it.
I was so nervous. I hoped no one would know. “Don’t worry, even if they do they will love you and keep it a secret.”
We arrived at the bookstore, walked in. Guys were turning around looking at me. I felt so sexy. Ray bought some tokens and said, “Let’s go into the booth area.” It was kind of dark. I could feel the eyes following me as I walked around the booths looking at what was showing. I found one near the end and turned around and smiled at this good looking guy. I went into the booth, locked the door, and started a movie. I heard the door next door lock and could see the flashing of a movie through the hole. I dent forward and looked into the hole. The good looking guy was stroking his hard member. As instructed, I put my finger in the hole and sat back and wait. Almost right away this wonderful c*** came through the hole. I got on my knees, held the base and licked and kissed the hard wonder. I then took it in my mouth sucking it and rolling my tongue. So he exploded sending his load down my throat. He pulled back and I heard him leave the booth. I walk around and repeated the process three times.
Ray came up to me, put his arm around my waist, and kiss me. “Time to go home ****, you did well. It’s no time for you to please me.
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56-60, M
May 12, 2012