Omg.. Caught And Used By The Hot Girl From Schools Dad

Sooo how do I start? I began crossdressing at a young age about, 13 (Im 21 now)I used to sneak and try on my sisters clothes. It gave me such rush, and I just loved to feel fem years went on, I would crossdress when the parents were out of town and such. I loved in a small town so I couldn’t let my secret get out.

I was about 19 years old, graduated, and one night my urges got the best of me. I had a bit to drink, and it was about 1030. Everyone was asleep, so I decided to put on a cute pair of my braziliian panties pink with hearts, and a slutty green dress. I believe it’s a german beer girl dress lol. I was feeling very fem and sexy so I decided to cruise the internet to see if I could explore my feminity some more. I started emailing some guys that were looking for fun with a girlyboy:p I live a straight life but seldomly I go out and have some fun;) I prefer older guys so I wont run into anyone familiar.. or so I thought. Ive only done this once or twice before I may add.

Anyways I was drunk and silly and horny I was getting along with this one guy so I decided to go meet with him and give him a bj I put some pjs to cover up the dress and put in my Shania twain and I left to go meet him. I was fairly drunk and just feeling in touch with my femine side life was great. I went and saw the guys car and I approached it like an excited school girl, opened the door got in said hi it was a bit awkward.. I thought for a second then it hit me.. omg this is haleys dad.. the hottest girl from school.. its her dad. My heart sunk, Ive known hhim growing up because it’s a small town. I didn’t know what to do so I just went with it and pretended that I didn’t know him, We drove around and he kept asking questions hinting that he knew who I actually was but wasn’t acknowledging it. I was drunk and just played along. We pulled over talked abit then I got horny took off the pjs and exposed myself in the dress. He asked do I like to dress like a girl and I said very much so. He smiled unzipped his pants and I just went for his big ****. I sucked his **** the best I knew how, deepthroating giving him all I had;) he kept calling me his little **** and slapping my ***. I moaned and I think he liked that so he pulled my panties down and fingered my *** as I sucked his ****, he was going to *** and told me to open my mourth wide he shoved my head down and came in my mouth a few times ,he let out a loud moan, I loved the taste of his ***, I polished him off put my panties on and I guess I was so caughtup in the moment I said “your *** tasted sooo good, maybe you can *** in my *** next time” I had completely forgetten that I knew this guy, what if he told his daughter? His wife, his kids. His daughters my age! She graduated with me! This was crazy, He dropped me off and commented “wow you know this area well for not living around here” I just laughed, he dropped me off and before I left he said you sure no one will see you in your dress? I said oh don’t worry bout it hun, I got out he drove off as I walked away I fixed my dress under my pants and walked home thinking omg.. I haven’t seen him since and I don’t know if I want to.. it was fun tho;)

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2 Responses May 12, 2012

Wow! AMAZING! Must have been such a thrill! I've passed on meeting a guy or two in my town for much the same reason, though I was a bit older.....

I think your secret is safe with him....If he tells anyone then he will be exposed too. lol. Anyhow great experience and thanks for sharing.

I was thinking the same thing about him exposing himself, just maybe a cool little secret....