Caught By Ray Chap. 5

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I became Ray’s sissy. Every day mom goes to work and I put on my panties to clean the house. This morning I am so horny. Getting myself off is not enough. I call Ray at work and almost beg him to come by at lunch time. Yes, he says he will stop over to see his sissy.
I go to my secret place and put on my garter belt, padded bra, stockings and high heels. The panties can wait to later. I’m so excited I want to j*** off, but I’ll save it for Ray.
I see his car drive up and he gets out carrying a golf club. I stand behind the door and open it so that no one can see me. I let him in and close the door. I then wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him deeply. His hand goes to my naked ***. “Oh god, I missed you”, I said. “God sissy, you look sexy”, Ray smiled.
I took his hand and lead him to the bedroom. I sat on the bed playing with myself while he ******** off his close. I laid back spreading my legs like the **** I have become. He put his c*** by my lips. I sucked and licked it making it good and wet. He crawled on to the bed and lifted my legs to his shoulders. I loved the feel of his c*** head against my a**hole. He slowly entered me giving me time to relax. “F*** your sissy Ray, please f*** me”, I begged. He moved faster and harder filling me with his wonderful c***. He leaned forward and kissed then exploded inside me. As his c*** slipped out of me he kissed his way down to my sissy **** and brought me to a wonderful climax, filling his hot mouth.
“I can’t wait until our next weekend together”, he said as he dressed. I most get back to work. “Oh, if anyone asks, I brought you a new driver to try out.
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did your mother ever find out about you and Ray?

no never