Caught By My Neighbour.

Well this was the first time I was caught by someone who was younger than me. It happened when very quickly but it seemed like it was ages. It all happened a couple of months ago when I had some free time of from college. No one was in the house so I usually crossdress, I decided to were what I normally wear which was panties, a bra and black tight, I then put on a black mini skirt with a Aztec style T shirt, a black cardigan and a pair of Uggs. I was just going about my day just doing normal things that I like to do like surf the web and watch TV and when I was watching TV on the big screen in the living room, I got up to turn off the TV when my neighbour walked across the big window at the front and got a long look at me and I just froze and didnt know what to do. All that happened next was she started to walk off and started to smile, I just turned around and started to wander what she was thinking but I though that it was such a rush and a thrill.

So over the few weeks after that happened I would try and get caught by her more and more times and I did and it was great.

hopefully more stories to come

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sounds very exciting more I hope

Can't wait hear what happened next !

have you talked to her yet and I like the way you look


Nice stroy. Did she ever catch you again and has it gone ant further? I'd like to be friends OK?

cool story,i like. wish i could catch u doing that.i'd knock on ur door,and hopefully join u in some hot sexy fun. please add me.i want to see more

What a wonderful start!!!

maybe someday she will "help you" get dressed? can't hurt to ask. you could open by inviting yourself to her place for some "girl talk".

That sounded quite frightening but exciting at the same time. I was caught in the headlights of a car a few years back; got away with it though.

Lovely story did you co futher with this?

Thay was a good story when you get a boy friend he is going to enjoy sex with you

that would be a rush and so exciting to

Go to her house dressed and borrow a cup of sugar - whether you need it or not!

Very nice story. Have you spoken to her more than just getting caught in thw window?

Nearly caurt a few times and often wonder how I would have reacted.

Isn't it a huge thrill to get caught? My neighbor saw me about a year ago when I was all dolled up as a French Maid cleaning my house. I opened the front door to let in some light through the full view glass storm door and the woman who lives across the street just pulled up in her mini van. Nikki was looking right at me with a big smile on her face and got out of the van laughing. I just casually turned around and walked away and went over to the window to see what she was doing. She kept laughing and turning around looking for me as she walked to her house. I've seen her since then many times ( while in my male clothes) and she never said anything about it.

My story is quite similar. I live at home with my mother in a secluded rural neighborhood in northern Virgnia. I had been crossdressing in my mother's clothes on a regluar basis since the age of 14. A few years ago when I was 18 or 19, I was home alone as usual. Mother was off to work, and I had some housekeeping chores to do that day. One of which was doing the laundry for myself and my mother. That day I opted not to dress completely, choosing only to wear one my mother's matching bra, panty, and half-slip sets. She loves pretty lingerie, and has a very nice selection, by the way. I put on my wig, and added a touch of lip coloring, and stepped into a pair of red 3-inch heels, and began to do the laundry. The laundry room was in the basement down a flight of steps by the front door foyer. I had just started the first load of wash and was walking up the steps. Half-way up the door bell rang, and a second later the front door opened. In walked our next door neighbor Melissa, and shouted,

"Hey, Frank, FEDEX dropped off a package for you at my house".

I froze, and a scant second later our eyes met. I could see the confusion in her eyes. Then, recognition. "Is that you, Frank?"

I nodded, and said, "Um, you won't tell anybody will you?"

She looked at me and said "No, I won't say anything. I take it your mother doesn't know about this?"

I told her that as far as I knew she didn't. "Well, my lips are sealed. Here's your package."

She started to leave, then turned around and said, "Lovely outfit you're wearing. And I love that pretty slip." She gave me a knowing smile, a flirty wink and then left.

What a rush that was, and so wonderfully arousing.

Would love to read more stories about your adventures! Would also love it if you would add me, I tried to add you but could not... I have lots of pics posted of me in my sexy panties and you are welcum to browse through them if you like...

The thrill of getting caught combines excitement and fear at the same time. Nice story.

Next step invite her in for coffee or something and talk about it. If she smiled when she saw you she seems to be kind of ok with it. What do you have to loose? May turn into a shopping spree with you and her together.

Hee-hee! Sometimes theres the thrill of getting 'caught' and then theres the temptation of just saying "damn it all" - and walking outside wearing your tights.... Check out my profile, story and pics - see what I mean!! Regards James.

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing. Feel free to add me as a friend here on E P.

Kendo5, Wouldn't that be something! Or, she might want me to come over to her house and do the vaccuuming! OOOHHH LA LA!

Cool, have fun with her.

I do the same thing with the woman who lives across the street. I love to dress up as a french maid and do all the house cleaning. One day, I was cleaning the foor inside my front door and I opened the door to let in some light as I have a full view glass storm door. I opened the door and there was my neighbor, Nikki, who had just pulled up and parked across the street. She was looking right at me with a big smile on her face and then she got out of her car and started laughing. I just tirned and walked away but she was still laughing and went into her house. Now, I like to see if she will spot me again and I leave the door wide open for her to see in sometimes at night with the lights on!

Maybe next time you can invite her over. Mmmmmm