Caught By Mom

Hello, I am 15 years old and I love to crossdress. It has been something I enjoy doing for a long time now and I've only recently been caught for the first time. Around last month, my mom had left the house to go to play bingo so I figured It'd be a good a time as any. I put on some black pantyhose with a short black skirt along with a cute purple blouse (all of which were my mothers) and finished it off with a makeover and 3.5 inch black high heels. Well I was walking around doing my thing when suddenly the front door began to open and there was no time for me to scurry away. My mom took one look at me and then said,"Come into my room in about 5 minutes." I was nervous because I had no idea how she would react. Well, I went in her room and on the bed there was a big white box and my mom told me to ***** down. I did and she opened the box and had me put on these black panties with a matching garter belt and a black lace bra. We stuffed the bra and hooked the stockings to the garter belt and then she grabbed her black leather high heel boots and helped me get them on. To finish it off she hooked me into this black corset and gave me a very slutty makeover. She then told me that if I wanted to crossdress then she would be the one to do it to me and she would be my sissy mama. She said she had one more surprise for me and she went into her drawer and pulled out a fairly small black box. Inside, was a but plug that vibrated. I was horrified, but she said to let her put it in or she would post the pictures she had taken of me on Facebook so I obeyed. It was pretty painful at the beginning but the vibrating part was nice. If that wasn't bad enough, she had 2 of her friends come over (one male one female) to join in her fun. When they came I had to get on my knees and rub all their feet and I hate feet. Then my mom made me give her male friend a ******* while the other two watched. She then said I had enough but had to wear all the clothes to bed. It was a crazy experience that I kinda liked but was really embarrissing.
Rockitt Rockitt
18-21, M
Jun 15, 2012