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I was raised by my mother and as she had to work I had plenty of free time. She had caught me several times from the age of about 9 but finally shortly after my 11th birthday she caught me yet again. This time was to be different. It was a Thursday night she had caught me and she said we had to work this through so she called in and took a sick day, an extreme rarity for her and I was allowed to stay home that Friday from school. She explained it was obvious I wasn't going to stop so if I insisted on dressing like a girl it was to be one the appropriate age in appropriate attire. We went that Friday to Montogomery Ward's and I remember it well. She got me two dresses, a skirtand two blouses. She also got me a garter belt and some stockings (this was way before pantyhose), slips, shoes, my own panties (I remember those like it was yesterday pink cotton with a bow on the waistband and teddy bears on them) and 2 training bras. She even got me wig so I could fit in.

That Saturday morning I was told we wereg oing out and Lisa wa to be on her best. behavior. I was told to wear the red skirt with the white blouse, my black flats and my garter belt and stockings. Mom showed me to puit the garter straps inside my panties as a garter belt was new to me, Mom always wore girdles. It was a day of shopping for Mother and daughter and I loved every second of it. All I got was a small black patent leather purse ad a pair of "high" heels. They were probably an inch at most but to a girl of 11 they were important.

From that point on Mom accepted me as her daughter whenever I became Lisa and taught me a lot about being a woman and a lady. That relationship lasted almost 45 years but even today I remember what she taught me and what she would expect of her daughter and I tr to live up to it.
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What a very lucky Person you are ! I know you must have enjoyed your time together.

What a wonderful story

How very special

What a wonderful story!

My grandma helped me.

What a wonderful story, you are fortunate in so many respects, and undoubtedly the envy of many that read it.

You are very lucky to have such an understanding mother. And what a huge thrill it must have been to wear girls clothes and go out shopping with your mom. I was caught once by my mother while I was still living at home with my parents and had just graduated from college. It was a thrill for me to get all dressed up in black lingerie----garter belt, stockings, panties, bra, baby doll nightie and high heels and wait upstairs in my bedroom for my mom to come up to bed. Her bedroom was down the hall and I would stand there in the darkness of my room and as she walked by, I would quietly step out into the hallway right behind her. But once she came upstairs and walked right into my room, for what I do not know, and there I stood in all of my feminine glory! She just smiled and let out a little giggle as I walked out of the room and went into the bathroom. She never said anything to me about it. That was many many years ago and now I wish I had talked to her about it. Maybe she would have let me dress up for her around the house.

Best story EVER!

when i told my mother that i am trangender she said that she wished i had told her years ago so that she would have had the daughter that always wanted. and my father also told me that he understands why it so hard for him trying to prepare me to go out into the world as a young man.. now i wish i had come to them with this part of me as a teen. hmmm hindsight is 20/20 they say.....

I can't think of a nicer scenario. How lucky you were to know from so young and have such an understanding mother.

Great story! Wish my mom would've understood. Instead I got this warning - "if I hear of you doing this again, you will be removed from the will and be forever disowned from us!" I don't really need anything from the will but the last part really broke my heart. I am extremely careful not to let them know!