Caught By Sister

when i was 14 my sister had started playing tennis every time i saw her in her outfit made hot inside the way it would caress her body hoping i would look just as nice in it. my chance came it was a saturday my sister had gone out for the day with our parents leaving me a home i couldn't wait to get to her room opening her sport bag and taking out her tennis outfit i laid it out on the bed igot undressed pulling up the soft white cotton panties putting on her sports bra which i filled out with socks i then put on the top which hugged me tight i slipped on the pleated white skirt which just covers my bottom i put on the white ankle socks and trainners i stood there looking at myself thinking very nice then came a voice from behind me you look lovley bro i froze where i was i slowley turned around there was my sister looking right at me i tried to undo the skirt but my sister said oh no you dont leave it or i will call mum and dad to see what you are doing so i just stood there wondering what see was going to do i have an idea she said you are going to play tennis and see what its like to wear it outside oh no i said yes she replied but dont worry i will be there aswell which made it a bit easier mum called up the stairs saying that they will be back later right then she said time to go as she got changed right in front of me all girls together when she was dressed she sat me down in front of her makeup mirror and painted my nails put a wig on me long black hair eye shadow lipstick and a spray of perfume have a look in the mirror see what you think i walked slowly to the mirror as i looked there was a stunner looking right back at me i could not believe it i was hot on the way to the tennis court i found that boys where looking at me smiling my sister said look boys really like you you make a wonderful girl my sister she said do you like boys when you are dressed what thoughts do you have i told her that i do like boys and that i thought many times about having sex with them all she could say was well why dont you i don't know how to what if they realise i am a boy your not a boy your my sister and just go for it when we got to the tennis court we started to play i could feel eyes on me which made me feel sexy and horny we finished or game my sister said there is a boy watching you go on go for it have him just make sure he has a condom i turned around to look at the boy and wow was he hot i had an explosen in side my body of heat and hornyness as i knew what i wanted to do to him i walked over he looked me up and down and said come with me he took me to the repair shed as we got in he grabbed me spun me around and started to kiss me his hands were all over my arse i could feel his huge **** throbbing in his pants i unbuttoned his pants and put my hand on his **** oh yes he said go on suck it for me baby i slowly made my way down to his huge **** my eyes whineded with suck i did in and out i went feeling more horny with every suck oh yes come on baby suck i went faster and deeper at 1 point i stopped with his whole **** in my mouth looked up in to his eyes i saw passion for me i took his **** out and said do me big boy i went to the work bench where he pushed me over it as he came from behind he moved my panties down he must have seen i was a boy myself but that did not stop him in pushed it deep in side i let out a whimper of joy as he got faster and faster and deeper into me my legs started to shake i felt him explode in side of me wow the sudden heat rush was great he pulled out of me i so wanted more i was about to pull up my panties when there was another voice can i have a go m8 i could care or move i just felt another even bigger **** being thrust in wow give it to me i said faster deeper i sound just like a slapper ithought to myself who cares as long as sex is like this
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Fabulous sweetie

Really nice! :)

Wasnt a story it was a sentence. Longest damn run-on sentence ever.

Is this a true story because I love it