Ultimate "getting Caught" Fantasy!

Hello All! I was surfing the net the other day for X-Dressing related stuff (our favorite) and I came across this article written by Teresa Bowers. Just wanted to pass it onto everyone! Here's the link. (My favorite part is being forced to dress as a French Maid and serve drinks to a group of women! http://www.strappedinsilk.com/Forced-Feminization-Defined.html
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Thanks for the link. Certainly one of my fantasies. I've written a story somewhere on EP about it.

For some guys that may be stimulating but not for me. No one has to force me to put on anything feminine. I will do it willingly and with pleasure. I prefer looking as feminine as I can in all situations. Some times I can only underdress and that is kind of ok with me. I'm not nearly as fem as I want to be then but it is as far as I can go at the time. Other times I can go 100% en fem and that is when I am the most happy.

Hi Bahli! please don't get me wrong, I don't need to be "forced" at all to dress up! I love it just as much as you do. I just came across this article and thought some might like to read it. I did something similar to this a couple of years ago. My neighbor left the back door standing wide open so their dog could come and go and no one was home. I went into their house and straight to Susan's bedroom and took a pair of her panties. They are white with lots of pretty lace. I love to wear them under my jeans and talk with Sue over the backyard fence! She has no idea I'm wearing her panties! Love it! But anyway, like the article, I sometimes fantasise that Sue would have walked in and caught me in her bedroom and as the article goes, forced me to put on one of her dresses and taken me to the beauty shop for a make over. When I couldn't pay, Sue would have made me work as her French Maid for the rest of the day!!

So now we are on the same page nearly. I know it is not my story but if it were Sue would have walked into her bedroom and caught me and after she stopped lauging and I explained about my crossdressing se would have understood and invited me shopping. Then she and I would have gotten me a proper outfit and would have enjoyed eachother for many years.

While I agree with forced dressing with is humiliation and disrespect as a form of punishment to wayward males.<br />
I don't agree with it while the male loves dressing up.<br />
I know a friend who as forced to dress as a girl and parade around at school and was humiliate just because his nasty teacher didn't agree with his private dressing. That sucks.<br />
<br />
I dress up because I love it. When I am dressed up with friends I am treated with respect and when some drunk jerk disrespects me and tries to humalite me, my friends both male and female come to my defence and to me that is a priceless and warm experience to have friends like that.