Labor Day Weekend Part 1

Well I had a fun time this weekend. Me and a friend of mine went up river to go camping. Of course I brought nothing but female clothing, shorts, swim suits and nighties. So we get to the sand bar and he tell me to help with the tent and then we can cook out so we get everything set up and start cooking we were the only people there. So it's getting late and I'm getting horny so while he's cooking I go and change into a white satin slip and matching gstring let my hair down and walk out toward him I'm doing the sexiest little walk I could and he's giving me the I gotta have you now look so I go over and let my slip hit the sand exposing my breasts( by the way theyre c cup) walk up to him grab his crouch and started to unzip him when two more boats pull up. I panicked and ran into the tent leaving my slip on the bank. I thow on a tank top and shorts and walk out to see whats going on and there's two families setting up camp not far from us. And the dad walk up to mike to bullshit I guess and sees my slip and look directly at me I was sooo imbarrassed. I just walk up and pick it and smiled that night mike tells me how he needs me so bad so we go in the tent I ***** down and climb on top I riding his **** and trying my best to be quiet but with 8 inches inside me it's hard very hard I start moaning then mike rolls me over gets me on all fours and ***** my brains out I'm screaming in pleasure I came like three times that night. The next morning we wake up and I have *** all over me so I told mike I had to go swimming to clean up so I put on a leapord print bikini top and thong bottom and get in the water I was still horny I was washing off when two teenage boys jump in the water and swim over. They start bullshiting with me all the while staring at my rack. It turns me on even more to the point I start to get hard. Wearing a thong with a hard **** is very hard to cover up! So I have to stay there hoping that they would just go away, but they never did instead they had another friend join us I was surrounded by **** lol. Thru eventually asked to see my **** so I flashed them and they got what they wanted and left. So I got out of the water and went and sat down by mike. Telling how I felt and that I needed relief he looked around and saw no one around us. He got up kneeled down in front of me pulled my thing down and started giving me a blow job it felt so good I didn't lady long until I blew my load in his mouth when I did he came up and gave me a kiss and I was able to take my load from him.
Itskimber1234 Itskimber1234
Sep 3, 2012