Caught By Mom And Dad

When I was 14 I finally decided that for the first time, I would get FULLY dressed. My parents were out for a while that night and I put on my mom's dress, heels, bra, and panties, and even put on some makeup. I had wanted to do this so long and I finally had my chance. I was very careful about remembering where things were and that I would put them back in the exact right place, but to my horror I heard the door open early, signaling that they were home. I changed quickly and thought I had put everything back in the right place, and went to bed, happy.

The next morning, to my dread, my mom woke me up and took me to her room. I had left a pair of panties with my shoes in her closet and they had figured out what I did. They had a long talk with me and I eventually started to cry...sadly my leftover mascara ran down my cheeks leaving me looking like a crying girl. I was very careful from then on until they caught me again at age 18...
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

Please tell us about the other time,at age 18. And of course, about your adventures in between.