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i was 17 at the time i had been working part time in a office when it was getting close to the annual office party. there was a box going round asking pepole to put an idea in about a theme so i put 1 in saying we should have a crossdressing party where everyone dress sex men as women and women as men didnt even think they would pick it how wrong could i be. the boss of the office called a meetiing to tell us all what the theme of the party was going to be when he told us all there were some moans about it but he said it was a brilliant idea to have fun and a laugh but i was feeling so horney in side just thinking of being able to dress up and be in a full room with others if only they thought it was for fun
the girl who sits next to me said can i ask you a favour i said if i can yes whats up you are the same size as me can i borrow 1 of your suits for this party i can help you if you like i thought to myself this could work out great so the night of the party i called to her house to leaned her my suit she said what are you wearing i showed her what i had to put on oh no she said i have better stuff than that if you want to wear it. wow yes if you dont mind i said no come up stairs lets get you ready we went into her bedroom and she pulled out a black and deep purple corset matching paintes sheer black stockings with a seem running down the back off them put these on to start with but first lets get all that body hair of you first after a shower and hair removal she gave me some body loation rub that in and then get into your underwear i put on the paintes they felt so sexy i put the corset round my waist she came behind he and tighed it all up she had a full length mirror in her room which i cheacked myself out in i was looking great out your stockings on then the feel of pulling up those stockings and fastering them up god i was so hot and horney she pulled out a lovley black dress try that on no she said thats not you try this on a lovley silk deep purple dress must have been a complte outfit i put it on she gave me a pair of heels 4 inch high they go with the outfit well have a look in the mirror then i turned round WOW i looked stunning right lets finish you of then she stuck false nails on even had a wig long dark wavey hair full makeup deep purple lip stick with gloss which made my lips shine dont worry it wont come of for hours she gave me a bag to carry which had everything i needed in case it came of which purfume do you like i said you got 1 called posion yes here you are i will be back in a min while i get dressed try walking around the house go up and down the stairs a few times get use to the heels so i did it was so sexy walking feeling all the clothes rubbing on my skin all i could think about was i want to make out with another man or woman but man more. are we ready i heared from behind i turned round she was dressed just like me the was a beep from out side thats the taxi she said with a deeper voice she opened the door and i walked out to the taxi good evening miss said the taxi driver wow i thought he thinks i am a woman it made me feel giddy inside someone took me for a woman we got to the party she said hold my hand lets see what happens ok i said i put my hand in hers or fingers interlocked together we walked up to ramp to the ofiice the guard on duty good evening sir madam have a good time inside as we walked passed i could feel the guards eyes on me following me how hot that made me feel we walked into the room to see that our fellow workers where not in differant clothes we made a quick move to the toliets where she took off her clothes i was so hopping she wasnt going to tell me to take mine off but know she opened her brieffcase and took out a black dress and stockings put them on and heels dumped my suit back in the case sorry about that what do i do know i said nothing she said you are my sister no one else has figuered you are a man have they no i said but what if they try it on with me just go with it sis think to yourself i am a woman it will be all right ok ok i said we walked back out of the toliets the boss of the office came over well who is this then my sister she said he is very nice mind if i have a dance he held my hand a walked me off not to dance but talk to me he stud behind me he put his hands on my arms he moved in closer to me i could feel his hot breath on my neck it was making me horney as hell his hands moved down my body to my arse touching it rubbing it he moved his hands round the fron t but i stopped him and told him only the back way i love it more the back way it was the only way of stopping him finding out i was a man he started to kiss my neck he nibbled at my ears i spun around in his arms he was so sexy we looked at each other in the eyes he moved in for a kiss which feelt like it lasted hours he said let me bend you over my desk quick then before we are missed he pulled up my skirt and pulled enogh of my breifs to insert his big **** i could feel it throbbing as he pushed it in i let out a moan of pleasure faster and faster deeper and deeper he went wow i am a **** i said to myself and i loved it after he finished i said i need a moment to clean up ok see you back in there he left the room and then she came in well she said what was it like then great i said amazing well you can keep those clothes for next time what you mean i said i know you are a crossdresser she said how can you tell i said with the ease of you getting dressed she said and i want to do more with you go shopping movies and sex but woman sex what do you think defo i said we are still together to this day....more stories soon
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Fabulous sweetie

Very good love that your co-worker loves a cd how lucky are you!!