Sister In Law.

I am sitting at my desk minding my own business just a few moments ago when in comes my sister in law. I am wearing pantyhose. 46 L bra and a cat suit. My S I L looks right at me and asks where my wife is. I said she should be in the garden. With out a pause she says that I looked very pretty. I said thank you. I was thinking religious bowel movement (Those weren't the actual words that I was thinking but they can't be typed in one of my articles). My S I L just caught me in drag.
Time lost all meaning but I think it was only a few minutes later my wife stuck her head in and asked if I wanted to eat lunch with her and her sister. I raised my hands as if to say "Like this?" My wife said That she had told her sister many years ago that I cross dressed and that curiosity had finally gotten the best of her sister.
Turns out, my S I L had come over earlier and asked my wife if I was dressed. My wife said of course. S I L asked if she could see me dressed. Wife told her sure, just go peek into his den and ask if I am here.
Long story short the three of us had a 2 hour long lunch. Both G G's kept rubbing their hands on my legs and commenting. I had to get extra close to the table to hide my excitement.

Your friend
Cheryl Anne Swanson
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Awesome! More prof that we need to start being real! It's the shame of our selves and fear of what others think that does us in, and the reality that we are the topics of discussion even when we think we are.

Must have been wonderful! You're so very lucky

How wonderful that was
Samantha Lynn

I would love my sil catching me

You lucky girl….Nice read…x

I get so excited reading your stories. Thanks!

Great story. Thankyou for sharing.xxxπŸ‘§πŸ‘§πŸ‘§πŸ‘—πŸ‘—πŸ‘—πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


How did you hide your excitement when you left after lunch???

Well at least you have some understanding family good for you.

Really makes you wonder what if we had just let everyone know rather than spending so much effort on hiding our true selves.

Wow, id be in heaven and ready to explode in that case..

What a dream come true! Do the girls ever take you shopping and dress you(MY FANTASY)

A "2fer" always makes the story more exciting to share the experience going forward. I've found as I go out completely dressed now that not many people care as long as you try and look good and it is such a turn-on to get compliments from clerks or just people on the street as I walk by. Having my secret "secret" proudly shared by my mom to her neighbor lady friends when I was in high school was one of the most de-stressful and affirming thing that has happened to me

Want to add to what Flirt4ever said so well. I think the attitude we project influences the reaction. If we present ourself as the best woman we can be, most people will respond in kind.

I am sure that things have been more comfortable for you since that experience.

Sounds like you had a good time. Good for you. My wife has dressed me up some, not often. It is fun when she does. She has never told anyone.

Wife's usually tell there relatives about this type of thing.

Never thought about it.

Its always better when you can be yourself.

You got that right Sarah.

Exactly I understand and would have Been scared but sounds like you handled it like a champ.

That part was easy, all I did was eat my sandwich and moan uncontrolably from time to time.

How cool was that.

I wasn't cool at all, very warm as a matter of fact. It was one of the best days of my life.

very cool i love having my hosed legs rubbed too

that had to be so exciting. i would luv for my wife to out me to an understanding friend. it has been a longstanding fantasy to be wearing lingerie for a group of woman

Ask her to out you. See what she says.

Great way to gain acceptance! Thanks

so cool

Hot story. As far as I know, only my wife knows what I wear at home. Many years ago I noticed she was about to send an email to her best girlfriend that lives across the country telling her about just pegging me that night. I'm not sure why I'd even glanced at her computer just then--I hardly ever notice or pay an attention. Perhaps she mentioned something about it. I think she had not really thought about it-- or in fact maybe her friend already knew. I said, "honey do you really want to tell her that you just f.... me that way". She just went, oh my, I didn't realize what I had typed. Today, I could care less if her pal knows. We visited with her friend a year ago, and I don't think she does know.

What an exciting story!

sounds like a lot of fun

That is wonderful. I love hearing great stories like this!

Thank you Sis.

lucky you

Wow! Nice. How exciting you get to share your experiences with your wife, and sister inlaw! I would be going out every night!

Great story Cheryl, It has happened to me too, my wife invited her sister around for coffee. I had to make it and serve them and curtsey, My SIL got the fits of the giggles and I wanted to run and hide I was so embarressed at my fetish and serving them as a maid. My wife made me stand there in full view of her sister in case they wanted anything. I asked my wife if I could go now and she said no we may need something; stand there and let my sister see what you like dressing up in, its good to see her giggling and happy. They talked about me in front of me; my wife said even though he looks uncomfortable and embarressed he is really loving this I bet he has an errection under his skirt. My wife was right she really knows me, thankfully I didn't have to show SIL my errection.


Luck you to have such an understanding wife.

Wow, that is really great to have the support of not only your wife but her sister as well. My wife will only indulge my CD fetish as part of our sexual activity in the bedroom. If I get dressed in lingerie and go out of the house she gets all freaked out in case somebody catches me. Of course unbeknownst to her I do it all the time, and yes I have been caught a few times which only adds to the excitement.

Thanks for sharing your story.

That's great I would settle for my wife allowing me to dress in the bedroom. You are very fortunate..

Hi Cheryl

That is just so amazing. I would have died if my SiL had seen my en femme.

It's great that they were accepting of you though and that you were able to spend some quality time with them.


My Sister in Law knows that I wear silk lingerie and a nightie to bed.

Many a time I wish my sister in law knew about my dressing but she is nowhere near as open minded as my wife; you are so fortunate.
Has that just been a one off occasion or have there been others involving your sister in law?

Not yet but now I don't have to put on drab outter wear when she visits.

Loved that your wife shared her experience with her well with you. Feel loved that you can openly share with them. Many of us cannot.

Sounds like a great time was had by all three of you, you your wife and SIL. Now you know your SIL knows, having seen you, Sherry. But even better, now it will be easier for your SIL to shop for holiday gifts for you ... ;-)

Very true, never thought about that.

Did anything else happen with your SIL?

Nothing else. Sorry for the boring end.

no problem. You have a good sense of humor. Good for you.

Life would be pretty bad if not for a sense of humor.

Wish more people realized that.

Me too.

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lovely, i would love to have 2 wonderful women around me to chat to whilst dressed as well but so far no luck....

It was very stressful that first time.

Lovely story

Thank you Sis.

Great story! All of us should be so lucky.

All I can say, you are such a lucky dog.
I wish I has the same understanding that you do.
I love to wear full-cut nylon briefs, they feel so good.
But, I can't except for those stoeln moments.
Again, lucky you.

Both my SIL and MIL know about my crossdressing. My SIL love to call me a sissy, not in a mean way. Just as a reminder that she knows.

Cool sil you have. Thank you for your comment.

That wouldn't be a good thing for her to say.

I would be so embarrassed if she call out at a BBQ, Hey Sissy! Not much I could do about. I would still have to offer to get her food or drinks.

my dear you have all in your life understndable wfe ,her sister open honest marrige great sweet y

Thank you Sis.

A great story, hun

Good for you it seems you have a very very strong marriage with lots of honesty and that is very rare that some like you who loves to cross dress has that love and support. I take my hat off to you. keep doing what you love to do and stay healthy. You see I have my fetish when I was very young I use to work in a female inpersonation night club and dressed all the time even when I would go out in public dressed but was very very pasable nobody could tell I was realy a boy, I would wear a 12 strap garter belt with six garters to each leg. and very sheer stockings and 3" heels I used to get looks and get coments about my legs. Yes stockings and nice legs in heels are a very powerful visial sight for people to see. keep up the good work. kimmers

We feel that the best marriages are open and honest. Thank you for your comment.

That was so hottttttttttttttt

Most people are frightened at thought of being caught, but a lot of times it turns out just like yours. Now you do not ever need to worry about hiding again. ;)


What a wonderful and HOT!! story!

Thank you Sis.