Girlfriend Arrived Home Early

Ive always been a crossdresser, I also love being a hetro man. This is my story, Ive always crossdressed , Ive had relationships with men but only when ive ben dressed at all times, when I feel like being a woman and i have relationships with woman , as my man side, however I still need to crossdress, which i do in secrete . I fell in love with a sexy, hot , horny stunning woman, as a man. we hit it off straight away and ended up serious , we got a place of are own and moved in together. I managed to sneak all my crossdressing kit in and hid away, my wigs , make up, false lashes and nails, my bras , fake breast inserts , corsets , thongs, knickers suspenders, knee high pull ups, dresses , out fits , loads of sexy clothes,and all my sexy heels, all 6 inch heels , stilettos, wedges, ankle boots , knee high boots and thigh high boots. also i have a few ****** ,vibrators and a few more sex toys and various lubricants. my gf was working away for a few days , so i had the house to my self, sexy time i thought to my self ,sexy is the way i feel when i crossdress . my sexy gf has always encouraged me to shave all my body hair off including arms legs and pubic. Already feeling silky and smooth , I needed my kit , i needed to feel the sexy feeling transforming into a woman gives . I put on my bra and pulled my pecks toward the middle of my chest then inserting my silicone bra inserts creating a sexy life like bust.. i choose my thong and put it on making sure ive pushed my balls and scrotum inside of me and tucked my **** back then pulling the thong up tight holding everything in place. I chose my outfit , wig , make up and heels. I then put my outfit on then my heels (i just love heels), get in front of the mirror and apply my make up, Its my fav part false lashes mascarra eye shadow foundation eye linner blush lip pencil and lipstick. then put my wig on. and fel myself all over looking at how sexy i look , well i done this 3 night on the run ,but on the last night my gf turned up and caught me , but to my supprise she got horny of it and palyed along and ramed me with my ****** i loved it and theres been no turning back we have regular crossdresser sessions
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3 Responses Sep 20, 2012

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing. My wife caught me 35 years ago with a some what similar result.

What a wonderful surprise for you that she not only accepts, but loves it. Makes for a great sex life (as I know personally). Love, Marcy

Having a supportive G G is the best feeling.