Thin Grey Yoga Pants!

so my experience starts by one night staying at a friends house, after going into his laundry room, finding these thin heather grey moret ultra yoga pants with a white ***** down them. i seen his mom previously wearing them when we went on a trip she wore them the whole day, they were beat up worn in yoga pants so they had some stains here and there some light brown stain by the tagg and lots of dry sweat stains by the butt seam.. so i was leaving and took the pants, i wrapped them up an stuck them in a pair of pjs. later on after returning to my house i rememberd the thin pants.. i took them out and placed them on my bed. then thinking what to do with them.. all i could invision was her huge *** in these pants so thin, i began to think if maybe they smelled.. because after all they were workout pants filled with sweat stains around the butt area.. so i put them on my bed, and stuck my nose to them, they smelled like they hadent been washed for like 10 hard sweaty workouts, i put them in a book bag i use for sleepovers after i was done smelling them, i previously went back over the kids house and slept over, he had summer school the following morning, and i brought my bookbag forgetting his moms tight thin yoga pants were folded up in the bottom, i was sleeping, come to find out his mom was off that day, noone was home, till about 3pm, so his mom went to move my bookbag and it was unzipped and she accidently held it upside down.... so everything fell out, along with HER thin grey yoga pants! meanwhile im sleeping on the couch, she comes over and shakes me so i wake up, when i do shes standing infront of me holding the sweat filled pants! she says what is this?! do you like my sweaty dirty pants? do you like wearing them or something.. were you going to take these??. i was speachless, she the. said well if you like to dress in girls pants, then thats just what well do all day seeing i have you to myself! i couldnt belive my ears! next thing i knew, she tossed me a pair of white panties and a old wornout pair of her yoga pants and forced me to put them on, so i did, they were so tight! she was wearing the grey thin tight sweaty yoga pants!! she then tied me to her bed, and said any last words before i torture you and turn you into a sissy," i then said, whens the last time you washed these thin yogas? she replyed, about a month ago.. i hope you like sweat stains and then i asked one more question, she said ok goo ahead, i said whats with the light brown stains on the butt in spots, she said thats from when im at the gym and i have a itch, and i dig in my ***, there poop stains that wont come out, she then said, thats why i have youuu. your gunna lick them out for me! she then sat on my face in the thin tight grey sweaty stained pants!! my voice was muffled!, her *** coverd my whole face! it smelt sooo bad! and i couldnt even move! i was tied down, after a good 5mins of sitting on my face forcing me to smell her butt, she stood up, turned and looked, an said aww you look so cute tied to the bed in my old yoga pants! she then said time to play washing machine! she sat back on my face, and said youll start licking, or ill suffocate you with asss, and end it all right now, so i stuck my tounge out and started liccking the tight thin stained pants it tasted so bad!!! whenever i stoped licking she started tickling my stomach, and i was sooo ticklish!, she tickled me for 35mins straight, i licked her *** through the pants untill her whole *** was wet and the pants were soaked from my tounge!. she leave me lay there tied up, she said thanks for the cleaning, im gunna go take a 5mile jog and ill be back for a second cleaning in a hour to two hours or soo, then she said well its 96 degrees out, soo youll have lots of sweat to lick/drink out of these yoga pants when i get back.
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Man I feel bad for her *** must have smelled like
**** mied with skunk *** or something.

i dont know what to make of that. sounds quite unpleasant but i know there are people out there who would be fiercely turned on by that