Caught! And Gained A New Friend

When I was about 15, everyday I would come home from school, I would always see my neighbor sitting on her porch or sweeping her driveway and I would wave hi. She was about 60 and was a sweet old lady who was always so excited to see me. Eventually I started going and talking to her because after all those years of waving, we never had conversations. One day after I arrived home from school, I went inside my house and checked to make sure my parents had left. I started dressing myself in my sister’s clothes, first some tights, then a blue, sparkled dress and high heels. All of the sudden, I heard this loud knock on the door and I turn around. My heart jumped, but I was so relieved to see the sweet lady just standing there. I opened the door and she just smiled. At first I couldn’t tell what she was thinking, but then I felt a warmth from her, almost a comfortableness. It seemed as if she knew I periodically dressed myself in girls clothes and I felt comforted. She told me to come downstairs to her house and I walked down in the high heels. She sat me in her living room and grabbed some cookies off the shelf and put them on a nice plate and said, “I’ll be right back, you just wait.” I was so excited and I didn’t have any idea what to expect. She came back with a huge box. I thought, what could be there? She opened it to reveal the largest makeup collection that I have ever seen. I was stunned and so excited. I couldn’t wait to see what was ahead. At first she just stared at my face and couldn’t decide where to start. She the pulled out some hair curlers and wrapped them up for what felt like an hour. Each second my stomach filled with more butterflies and I got more ecstatic. She pulled out a huge round disk and opened it up to reveal a massive foundation sponge. She rubbed it on my face and I could feel myself slowly transforming into a girl. She then progressed to eye shadow and pulled out bright pink paint and just painted it all over my eyelids. She started saying how amazing I looked and I couldn’t wait for more! She pulled out liquid eyeliner and stroked it along my eye. She then decided I would need a large cat eye and made my eyes look fabulous. Already I was filled with glee. She started applying mascara with a huge brush and decided it wasn’t enough. She kept saying, “You need more!” Everytime she said it, I only got happier. She then pulled out huge fake eyelashes and stuck those bad boys on. I felt like Nikki Minaj. She started to pull out all of her lipsticks and couldn’t decide which one to choose. Finally she chose the bright red one, and said that bold was my color. She lined my lip and rubbed as much lipstick in the middle as possible. I loved that sticky feeling whenever I closed my lips. She then pulled out her “rouge” and went with a dark red. And applied it in huge circles on my cheeks. She kept on saying I was a work of art. Once she finished I stood up and gave a twirl. She shouted “Oh no!” and I wondered what could’ve been wrong! She ran away and came back with a bag full of nail polish and spent the next 30 minutes giving me a full mani-pedi and I was wearing bright red nail polish. For an hour we just laughed and I dressed in all of her old outfits that happened to be just my size. After our amazing day ended, she cleaned me up and sent me home right before my parents arrived. I kept on thinking how much fun it was and I was sad that it would never happen again. To my pleasant surprise, I was very wrong. The next day and soon as I got home, I looked out my window to see my neighbor talking to some of her old lady friends. She looked at me and smiled. Then she called me over. I left my house wondering was crazy things she could have planned. To Be continued :)
Rebeccarebecca Rebeccarebecca
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when are you going to continue this wonderful sweet story

More please!! You had me going hope you finish.!!!!!!

Awwww that was lovely

..More please..:-)

Wonderful ! Would love to read more

Fabulous sweetie


What a great way to spend an afternoon Rebecca.