Cross Dressing Outside

my girlfriend fell asleep around 2:30 am. so i grabbed her purse and put some of my sisters panties, bra's, heels, and skirts in it. i walked outside and planned to change into them when i was closer to the park but i was so excited i went behind a bush and put on my sisters white stockings, 4 inch heels, white and pink polka dot thong with pink lace panties over it. a pink skirt and black and pink bra and i kept my hoodie on cause i couldnt get my sisters wigg. after i was all dressed up i bent over and pulled my panties to the side and put a 5 inch pink vibrator inside me and turned it on. i started walking down the foggy street with my skirt up high and my panies partially showing. cars would drive behind me so i would hide in the bushes. the cars coming towards me i wouldnt mind though. i finnaly came to the park where i played with the vibrator putting it inside me deeper and deeper then putting the panties over it. i leaned over the bench and pulled my skirt up and ***********, it felt amazing. after i put my regular clothes on and went home. sometimes i wish a man would catch me and rape me from behind while he lifts my skirt up and pulls my panties to my thighs or ankles and then cumms all inside me. but i doubt it will happen. im 18 years old and live in CA and thats my 100% true story. i left out all fantasy. but i hope to one day say i will be raped by a man and violated while wearing a sexy skirt, panties, highheels, wig, make up, bra, and stocking.
wetpinkpanties wetpinkpanties
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

Be very careful about what you wish for! You might get more than what you want.

Daleks3 is exactly right! Rape is not about sex it's about violent power. And fantasizing about it might seem sexy but in reality rapists many times do a lot more than just screw you. They often will brutalize you by beating the crap out of you as well. In a situation like that, you could be found and there would be no way for the police to solve your murder.