Caught By Mum's Best Friend

I had been cross-dressing with Mum's support and approval for over a year, not out to anybody, Mum was still striving to get me moved to an all girls school. Mum was having one of her tupperware parties and I was in my room watching the television. I was wearing one of my favourite outfits, a very pretty knee length blue floral dress, little buttercups over the flared skirt, I loved it so much. I had to go to the bathroom and was sitting on the toilet, panties completely down, when the door opened and one of Mum's closest friends, Lillian Strickland came in. I know I blushed so red trying to cover my thighs and my penis. I blustered out:

"Ohhh, Mrs Strickland, I'm sorry, nearly finished."

I really was blushing but at the same time my penis was twitching and getting bigger because I liked her, she was lovely, older than Mum bu about ten years, but lovely. that night she was wearing a red pair of designer jeans that fitted her so closely, a kind of off white, cream really, long-sleeved blouse. I remember that for what seemed like an age she just stood in the doorway of the bathroom looking at me. Then she closed the door and slid the bolt home.

"It's alright Franci, I want to pee too."

She came over and sat on the edge of the bath, it was so strange. I had finished peeing by then but now my penis was so hard and I kept thinking about the fact that she had bolted the door and was sitting there, I kept thinking 'god, I may get to see her with her panties down!' I finished and stood up trying to quickly pull my panties up. I stepped away from the toilet and I watched as Mrs Strickland stood up, moved to the toilet, and unbuckled the large buckle on her jeans, then she slid down the front zipper and bent slightly, easing her tight jeans down to mid thigh, she then bent a little lower, her rear almost on the toilet seat. I watched as she reached to the top of her thighs, just above, and her fingers hooked into the waistband of her light blue thong and slid it down to the jeans, sitting on the toilet then. As she started to pee loudly she looked up at me standing there.

"I won't bite, Franci,! smiled, "besides were all girls aren't we?"

I gulped and muttered a hoarse 'yes' and just looked at her vagina lips open and her pee splashing into the bowl. Incredibly she took my hand and drew me right up close to her. I felt her lips close to mine, her lovely perfume. Then she kissed me, her lips brushing over me. She took one of my hands and placed it over her vagina lips, letting me feel her. By this time I was close to *******. She un-zipped me and got my penis out, holding it as I spurted ***** all over her hand, ******* desperately as her lips never left mine, as I felt her tongue frenchng me, her tongue entwined in ine as I *** and jerked like a desperate marionette.

It was my first sexual moment with her and she became my best friend, if friend is the right word. As she taught me all about the art of making love.
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I just love your stories!!

What a wonderful way to learn!

It was and I realise how lucky I was.