It all started when I has 13, I was excited that nobody was at home for the day so quickly ran into my sister's room and ******** my clothes off I looked around to see if there was anyone there then I opened the top drawer and pulled out a pair of frilly pink panties then I reached into the lower drawer and got a matching bra. After putting on the panties and bra I pulled on some stockings and then opened her closet I took out a mid dress and put it on along with a pair of black heels, just when I walked out of the room I didn't notice my sister coming up the stairs when I saw here it was too late, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!", she yelled, I started stuttering," uh, uh, I can explain! Yeah!?, then explain why you are wearing my favorite outfit.

So I told her that I've done this for a while now. She then told me to not do it again and that I can keep the panties and bra, a few days later she asked me to come into here room for a minute, when I got there she had a red lace bra laid out on here bed with a pair of matching panties, she then told me to put them on, after I put them on she slid some black thigh high stockings up my legs and the she told me to sit there and wait she then walked downstairs, just then I heard some girls giggling and I heard one of them say "is he really dressed for us?"
When I heard her say that my heart stopped then when they came up they started giggling and yelling, they couldn't believe their eyes, a 13 year old sitting there wearing a bra, panties and stockings they all to out their phones and started taking pictures, I tried to hide under the blanket but sis pulled it off of me.

For a while I was really pissed at sis, she came into my room one day and apologized for doing that to me and gave me a bag filled with brand new lingerie and said that it was for me I smiled and accepted her apology so from that day on me and sis would go out both dressed in frilly underwear and clothing.
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A rule to follow, that I advise to everyone. ALWAYS tell them before you get caught. The show of bravery and confidence will not only prevent Sis from doing stunts like this, but help you get your own clothes to dress in, that not only fit properly, but are yours. Your style, your bodily fluids, and can be thrown in the normal laundry.

After all, I assume most people wearing their Mom's or Sister's clothing put it back, not bothering to wash it. Not even just naughty fluids, but sweat and other disgusting things you don't even think about.

Like, using someone else's Mascara can give you pink eye. I like pink, I love it all over my body... Except my eyes.

Though, I am very happy you are on good terms with your sister now.