Trailer Park Eyes

She moved in next door. I watched out my window as she took up residence in the trailer next to mine.  She wore a halter top and short shorts with high heels.  I mean, she was a picture of trailer trash.  Her dirty blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and her breasts nearly burst over the top of her, um, top.  They were at least C's, probably even D's, and the tattoos...

She didn't do any of the moving herself.  She had a retinue of sleazy looking guys toting her things from the truck to the trailer.  I fantasized enviously of what those boxes contained.  I mean they had to have ******** clothes or hooker outfits, right?  Meanwhile, I watched from my window, wearing my leotard and tights, with the thong panties and padded bra, and a raging hardon.

As the days drew on, I caught sight of her here and there.  Brief glimpses stolen threw the windows as she came and went, or even walked by.  Surrepticiously, I watched and fantasized.  Little did I realize, that she watched too.

Wearing a pretty dress and heels, I did my chores oblivious to the outer world.  In my home, I was safe from prying eyes and hurtful comments.  Here, I could be as feminine as I felt, and I felt very feminine.  I was in full makeup and wig, even jewelry.  A quiet night home alone.

The knock at the door startled me, even more than usual, because it was at the back door.  My heels clicked loudly as I tried to stealthily see who was knocking.  I gasped at the sight of my neighbor through the window.
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Oh yes, so excited now

You got to tell more!!!!

If I cold only be so lucky as to answer the door in female clothing

every cross dresser's fantasy - what happened next? did you open the door while dressed up, or quickly change, or just send her away, saying you weren't "decent?"

*** on

Well, you NEED to continue this, what happened next?