Caught By Babysitter

im divorced and my x had our son one day when i came home from work i was so tired from working night shift i put on a black leotard and shiny tan tights and taped my penis back so im smooth as a girl i always loved leotard since i was 5 my sister always dressed me up in them when we were kids.any ways i fell asleep on the couch in the den forgetting that the babysitter was comming over for me to fix her car.i forgot to lock my door so she just walked in i had no place to go and hide.when she walked into the den i turned beet red and speachless. i didnt know what to do she said its ok i already know you wear leotard you x told me. i told her im so sorry i didnt mean for this to happen and i forgot you were comming over today and i fell asleep on the couch because i worked nite shift. she said dont worry about it i think its cool and i think you look awesome in it.after she said that my heart started to slow down.i knew she wears leotards alot because she does gymnastics and ballet it just so happened that she came from dance class and was wearing a leotard and tights too. she laughed and said she just came from dance class and was wearing a black leotard under her sweat shirt and white tights under her sweat pants.i said no way with a sign of releif i sad what brand do you wear she said capizo i told her i like danskin.i asked her if i could she her outfit she said sure. she took of her sweats and she had on a short sleeve black leotard like mine but a different brand and white tights.i said you look very cute in them she said you look amazing in your leotard.while she was looking at my crouch area she said can i ask you a personel question. i said sure she said do you have a vagina i laughed and said why do you say that.because you look like you have one and your smooth as a girl. i said i wish i always wanted a vagina and i hate my penis and tape it back thats why it looks so smooth. she said that is amazing you look just like a girl and i cant believe you can hide something like that.i smiled and said thank you for saying how good it looked and gave her a hug we hung out all morning in our leotards talking about how i started dressing up and she told me how cool it was she also told me that she is bi and had a girlfriend from ballet . after that day we became best friends and we hangout in our leotards. this is a true story i **** you not.
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That's a really lovely story and so heart warming x

How fantastic is that!! Good for you!! Your friend sounds marvelous!!

I Love This Story!

Great story i to love wearing leotards. Add me please :)

Thanks for posting this... it's good to have made friends over what could have been a dreadful experience. Leotards are great fun! :)

its nice to feel comfortable around her in a leotard she even gives me her old ones she doesnt wear anymore

Nice story :)