The Long Arm Of The Law

First let me say that this is a true story.
I have been dressing now since I was a very young. I have become very good at passing as I have been dressing since my early childhood days. As a child my mother came in the bedroom one day while I and my neighbor friend were playing together. This often involved me wearing her clothes including her panties which I told her I needed to wear so we could play the makeup games as girls. My mother was very quick to point out that boys did not wear girls clothing and I was sent home. From that day on I hid my dressing until I was old enough to move out. My mother often noticed and commented on how I plucked my eyebrows and did not like that my ears were pierced. I told her it was just the style. I even convinced her that the jeans I was wearing (girls jeans) were just tight boys jeans.
My real story begins though about 6 months ago. I had decided to go out for the evening and enjoy myself at a local club not too far from where I live. I knew there was going to be a certain person there that I had met several times before and so I was determined to look my best when I met him. I had gone to my favorite salon that afternoon and gotten a pedicure and had my nails done as well as getting a full body wax at European Salon, something I do every month, I even spent the extra money and had extensions put in my hair so it would be long for the evening. So I knew I was going to look exceptional for the evening out. I spent several hours getting ready taking extra care with my makeup and choice of clothing, earrings etc. I decided on a short black skirt and matching shear blouse with a cute black cameo under. In addition I was wearing my sexiest panties bra and black heels.
I should mention that just over 1 year ago I decided I would try transforming myself by getting laser hair removal on my face and body. Very expensive. I also took hormones for a period of 9 months before deciding to stop. As a result I have small breasts that did not go away along with a very feminine butt legs and waist. I can definitely tell you that the effects of hormones take a long time to work. HOWEVER the results from taking them DO NOT just magically disappear when you stop taking them. They may diminish some but mostly they are PERMANENT!! At only 5’8” and I only weigh (on purpose) 140 pounds I am often mistaken for a female when dressed as a man.
I was feeling fantastic as I was leaving my house and looking forward to a very exciting night. Little did know just how exciting it was going to be. I left in my car and was headed toward the entrance to the freeway. Suddenly behind me police lights came on. I instantly was scared and wondered what I had done. I pulled over and hoped for the best. I was happy when a very nice police lady came to the window and asked for my license, registration and proof of insurance. She thought I was a woman and was very surprised when she saw my license. I explained to her I as a cross dresser to which she remarked she really though I was a woman. I asked her why she had stopped me and she told me my plates had an expired sticker. I had forgotten to register my car. She left and went back to her car and a few minutes later another police car pulled in behind her car. The other officer walked to the passenger side of my car and she came to my driver’s window. She then asked me to step out of the car. I was immediately terrified. I asked her what was the matter and she told me there was a warrant for my arrest. I stood there as she handcuffed me and explained it was from a parking ticket that had not been paid and had gone to a warrant. I pleaded my case but she informed me she had no choice but to take me to jail. She agreed to let me leave my car and not have it towed as she said I would probably be booked in and released right away. I was placed in the officers car and taken to jail. With my hands cuffed behind me my dress was now riding up and showing everything. Not that I have much at all to show. (VERY SMALL, another result of hormones)
When we got to the jail I was taken in and the officer on duty immediately thought he was dealing with a woman. The arresting officer pulled him aside and explained the situation. She said goodbye to me and left me. The officer took me inside and the handcuffs were taken off. I was glad for that. They took my finger prints and I was told I could sit in a holding area not in a cell as they did my paperwork. I was given an amount for my bail and allowed to use a phone. I called a bail bonds company listed on the phone and arraigned for them to help out. I did not have enough money in my purse to pay the bail and thinking like the girl I am I did not bring my credit cards as I was expecting to have my drinks bought for me that night. I noticed there was one officer who was more than just interested and was staring at me the whole time I was calling. I finished my call and sat waiting for the bail bondsman to show up. As soon as I sat down the officer I noticed staring at me started to talk to me saying I should stay close to his station as there may be other men put in where I was straying. He said that as far as he could see they would not know I was anything other than a woman and he did not want to see me bothered. I thanked him and told him I would and it was very much appreciated. He was alone for about an hour while I was waiting to be released and he started talking to me. He was really nice and I was aware he was interested. I decided use my best girly moves to make him my friend, just in case. About 30 minutes into our conversation he asked how I got so feminine. I explained to him about the hormones and how they had caused such permanent changes to my body. I was sure to tell him about how very small I was and that I could make it basically disappear as well as how my breasts were real. He was definitely turned on but making sure to be as professional as possible as there were cameras in the area.
Finally my bail bondsman arrived and I was being released. I was given a date I was to show up for court and was leaving when Officer Friendly approached me as I was leaving and told me he wished me luck. I told him I was going to need it as I did not have a way back to my car and was going to have to call a cab. He said he was sorry but that he could not help. I exited the jail and used my cell phone to call a cab. I was shocked that the cab company wanted over $100 to come out to the jail and take me back to my car. AGAIN I did not have enough cash or my credit cards in my purse. I then decided that I would walk to the bus pickup that I could see just in front of the jail and check the schedule for the next bus. I got there and there was a bus scheduled to arrive in the next 45 minutes. I sat on the bench and waited. About 30 minutes later a car pulled up and the window rolled down. I ignored it and was thinking some pervert was going to say something. When I heard a familiar voice saying would I like a ride to my car. It was Officer Friendly. He was off work and I said I would love a ride. In the car he admitted he had left early with an excuse so he could give me a ride. He said he had to wait for a little while so he would not be noticed. I thanked him and reached over and squeezed his arm as a thank you gesture. We talked as we drove back to my car. When we arrived at my car I again thanked him and without really thinking about it moved over to give him a hug. He put his arms around me and pulled me tightly to him. As I was moving back he suddenly held me in place and looked in my face. He leaned into me and kissed me deeply. I was instantly turned on. We sat there in his car making out for about 15 minutes before I told him I had better go. I gave him my phone number and asked him to call me. He walked me to my car and opened the door for me. As I sat in my car he asked where I was planning on going before I was so pulled over as I was dressed so beautifully. I told him I was going to go out for a drink and dance but it was now too late and I was just going home. He looked at me and said he was sorry my evening was ruined. I looked at him and asked if he would like to come back to my place for a drink? I said I owed to him for being so nice to me and helping me out. He agreed and followed me to my house. Once inside we enjoyed a bottle of wine and……well let’s just say that the “long arm of the law” is not the only thing that was long that night and many since.
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Can I ask what hormone regime you went on?

Great story well done x

What a wonderfully hot sexy story!!

Loved your story.
There have been times when I have been dressed and out for a drive when a cop car has pulled behind me and I have worried about being pulled over. Is my seat belt on? How fast was I going? Except for the cost of your bail, registration, and the old ticket, I guess it turned out well for you.

Hello Sissykoolgurl
Thank you for your comment on my experience.

Yes it turned out ok. However at the time it was happening I was completley terriffied. Though it turned out ok, and I did Make a good friend, wellllll ok maybe more than a friend, I would not like to go through it again.