Wife Just Caught Me Dressed In Leather

My wife was suppose to be out all night with her friends.
I came back from the gym knowing i have the house to myself.
I am all ready clean shaven so I started putting make up on my face finishing off with lipstick.
Then I went to her underwear draw took out sexy leather garter belt put that on along with black stockings which I had just brought.
I then put on a pair of pink leather panties.
I went to my stash of goodies and put my black bob wig on and my sexy studd shoes with ankle lock on them.
I also put on my leather pink bra stuffed with my 38 DD silicone breast which I brought last year.
I went to her walldraw took out her black leather dress so I put it on and just put the finish touches to my Girly look.
I took her diamond earing and necklace put them on.
I then went down stairs to get a drink of wine went upstairs to play with her toys.
I started to suck on the 8 inch vibrator seeing my lipstick smug all the way down.
I started to lube my arse to start playing with my arse when the door went I had locked it and now I had nowhere to hide opened it and the look on her face she was shocked what she saw.
I headed back upstairs and my wife followed me and saw the toys on the bed so she said what was u doing with these don't say anything show me. So I started to suck on the 8 inch vibrator and said unlike that don't you.
She came beside me and went into her top draw brought out some hand cuffs. She had cuffed me behind my back and then gaged me with a leather gag then put blind fold on me.
I was must of been on the bed for 30 mins when she came back in dressed in leather and boots.
She said right sissy you want to play let's play I was ordered on to my knees with my arse bent over she lifted my leather dress up started to get spanked with acleather belt.
Once she was done she put a strap on this was big 12 inches I was forced to suck this I was gating and choking it was so big.
Then I was forced to bend over bed and take it all up my arse.
She started slowly but then moved through the gears harder and harder I was about to come she un cuffed me was told to put my hands over my **** and **** myself off as she was still ******* me hard.
I came within seconds my hand was covered she took the gag off and she said like all good girlie's u need to lick your hand clean swallow every drop. If u don't I will spank you so hard you wish you hadn't dressed up. So I did as I was told.
Once we was done I had to stay dress for the rest off the night and then I had to sleep in nightie which again i loved.
The next morning I was due in work but my wife called in sick for me then I was ordered to get a bath once I was done I went back into the bedroom where my clothes was waiting for me.
I had to wear black bra with my breast which now she has glued them to my chest the weight off them where heavy. I had to put on another g belt with black stockings and matching black panties which went high up my waist.
I was put into black mini dress with a White blouse which showed my cleavage.
Before we went out my wife painted my nails bright red and then she did my make up which was better than mine.
We then went to the car and I had to drive in high heels which was the first time.
We went to town shopping for my new wall draw has now my man clothes where going in the bin.
My wife took me to luxury bra and
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

what a fantastic wife you have.

Wow is right! Please finish the story!