Growing up as a girl was hard. I was very I h a tomboy. Don't get me wrong i date boys and like them. I was just very athletic. My hair was always short especially in the summer. One time I wanted to prove a point to a friend and dress like a boy And convince them I was new to town. Everything went according to plan and no one knew who I was. There was this one guy I didn't know acting real smart. Anyway he began picking on me. I kept avoiding him but he persisted. He said something so I figured I'd do like guys do and punched him in his belly. He didn't like that then hailed off and punched me in the center of my soft belly. I doubled and fell to my knees. His friend picked me up and secured my arms behind my back. You like belly punching don't you he said. I knew I was in trouble. The wrapping around my breasts hid them well and I prayed he didn't discover I was a girl. After the fifth punch to my belly he said i grunt like a girl. I said nothing. He looked me over then touched my chest. He made a face then unbuttoned my shirt and exposed my boobs. You are a strange creature he said. If you want to play like your a boy then I will treat you like one. His friend tightened the grip on my arms and I demanded he let me go. For a boy you sure have a sexy belly he said. He then cut loose with his fist. My bellybutton received at least six extremely hard punches. He also played with my breasts as he punched me. I was completely breathless and he punched me another five times. My belly was totally red. I heard voices and luckily some of my guy friends were checking out what was going on. As soon as they saw me I said please help me. Thats all it took. They beat that kid and his friend so bad. I'm glad that night was over and I will never dress as a boy again.
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Apr 17, 2013