Caught Crossdressed True Story


Ever since I was a small child I had had a fascination with girls clothes. Being a boy and always feeling as though I was a girl, wanting to dress and live as a girl was always my highest dream, I had a hidden wardrobe of feminine clothing that my older sister had thrown out hidden in the loft above our garage where mum had quite a bit of old furniture stored, I had arranged some of the old furniture into a comfortable little room so I could go there and dress up whenever I felt it was safe knowing my mother and sister were not around.

Mom and my sister had gone out in the car one day so I thought it was a golden opportunity to go to my little hideaway and have a dress up. "They say time flies when your having fun" and that's what happened to me. I was fully dressed as a girl sitting in one of the chair's in my little hideaway in the loft when both mom and my sister suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs. Shock-Horror! I had no where to hide, My sister and mom were just as shocked as I was.

Mom asked what I was doing dressed as a girl? I seemed to stutter and stammer trying to find some excuse for my actions, then filled up with tears and began to cry. Mom came to me and cuddled me, my sister just said that the clothes that I was wearing were her old ones that she had throw out some time ago.

I was pleased they didn't laugh at me, both my sister who was a couple of years older than me and mom sat down on the other couch and asked me again why I was dressed as a girl! I wiped the tears from my eyes and just opened up and told them how I had felt regarding my feminine feelings. Both mom and my sister listened intently as I revealed my inner thought and actions, my sister spoke up first and said she had heard of boys being transgender and said it may be a good idea to for me to see a psychiatrist, mom agreed. Mom asked me to change back into my boys clothing and meet her back in the house.

Mom made arrangements for me to see an psychiatrist and I was eventually refered to a gender specialist, I am now living full time as a girl, I'm taking medication to block the production of male hormones and for the first time in my life feel normal.

Both my mom and my sister have been ever so helpful throughout my transition giving me every possible ounce of help, love and encouragement. Being born with Gender Dysphoria is very hard for a young person to totally understand, they don't need reticule nor torment just plain old understanding and lots of love.



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So wonderful for you to have family support from your Mom and Sis. Like you, I started crossdressing when I was about 7 and would put on my Mom's baby doll nightie. I don't know why but it just felt so right. My crossdressing countinued on and off over the years----like most, I went through many periods of throwing everything away only to go out and buy more lingerie when the urge became to great. I'm now 51 and totally accept who I am and that dressing up is a part of me. I love it!! It just feels right for me. I'm now all dolled up as a pretty French Maid and taking a break from doing the house cleaning and laundry. Just got on the computer to see a few stories. Luv Ya!!

Great for you!!!!! More power to ya!!!! Have fun . Life is short.

Lovely experience!

It's great to have supportive G G's. Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

Such a wonderful mom and sister to listen and help you. Hope your life changes work out well for you.

awww your story made me cry! happy in your new life!!!!! :)

As I am older than you when I was a young lad/girl there was nothing for me untill I was 18 years old! and even then my Doc dit not want to help! So I hope all goes well for you and you get to feel good normal and happy!

wonderfull story. and i hope u have a great life in your new identity

Well, when I first read that they thought you ought to see a psychiatrist --I thought immediately that they didn't like the way the woman in front of them were dressing? And that would be the reason you ought to see counseling? I was very confused, but glad that things worked up in the end!

I think you must be one of the Luckiest girls in the world to have the loving and caring family that you have! Wish there was more families like your! LOT's of LOVE!!!!